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Learn from Reading Tragedy: It Will Sharpen Your Leadership

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When you took up a leadership position or when you mentioned this is one of your plans for personal or professional growth, we’re sure you received a ton of advice. You, probably, also read your weight in management quotes and tips about how to become a better leader. But did anyone ever tell you that you can learn from reading tragedy to become a better leader?

Our best guess is they didn’t. Well, lucky you stumbled upon our site because this nugget of information is about to rock your world. Here are the mind blowing tips on how to learn from reading tragedy and become a better boss than you ever had.

Learn from Reading Tragedy. The Arguments

Tragedy Teaches the Leader Humility

One of worst things people have to say about their leaders is that they are too proud or too boastful. Don’t do that. Reading tragedy will teach you exactly how and why you should just run like the wind from this type of behavior.

In a classic tragedy, life throws all sorts of things at the hero, stuff that he or she simply cannot avoid. As life does, obviously. Since the hero can’t avoid them or maybe, even do anything about them, he suddenly realizes just how many limitations the human effort really has.

In this sense, since it teaches you all about human limitations, tragedy makes you humble. Therefore, you will be a much better leader than you ever were.

Allow us to give you an example. King Lear weeps in desperation saying to himself Age is unnecessary. Unlike him, we can save ourselves from this horrendous sudden realization and its implications. We can just close the book or exit the theater.

However, even if we do that, we are still left with the pesky notion that age truly is something worth considering. And we start to question how we treat the elderly or our parents. Even how will we handle our own old age.

This simple philosophical pondering will leave use stronger, wiser, and better prepared for the adversity. This happens especially when it comes to one of the paramount goals of business – creating a better and happier society.

Tragedy Teaches the Leader to Handle Growth

If you want to learn from reading tragedy, you must also consider the idea of growth. The realm of entrepreneurs and their businesses is made up of people who are ambitious are willing to get to the top. Apart from that, as you all know, the idea of business is practically synonym with growth. When you have a business, all you need to do is grow, grow, grow.

Become bigger. Make more money. Become famous. Have it all. Know no limits. Still, this way of thinking can quickly bring you crashing down. Remember these wise words – the higher you climb, the more inevitable the fall becomes. The higher you climb, the harder you can crash.

But it’s tragedy to the rescue once more if only one stops to learn from reading tragedy. The best example is Macbeth. His voracious and evil wife eggs him on until he assassinates the King of Scotland and takes over the land. However, overcome with guilt, he will kill his wife as well for telling him to commit the crime.

Unfortunately, the dark story of Macbeth doesn’t stop there. He becomes more and more the classical tyrant and ends up killing a huge number of people. He wants to make sure they don’t rat him out on the assassination of the king. In the end, he will find his own death in a bloody civil war.

In this sense, you should always let tragedy inspire you as a leader. Learn from reading tragedy, as it tells you always to remain humble, grounded, and close to your people. And, of course, don’t nip anyone in the process!

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Author: Amanda Knowles