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4 Things to Consider When Launching a New Product

launching a new product

Product launches are a very critical and stressful time for your business, especially if you own a startup. It doesn’t matter if you are a product marketer, if you work in growth marketing or a simple marketer who’s trying to advertise a few updates to your existing product. The perfect equation for launching a formula doesn’t exist. However, if you stop and consider these things when launching a new product, you have a chance at hitting it big.

1. Always Focus on the Customer

Never on your product, no matter what it is. When you give the presentation or simply when you create the launch. Your customer base will not want to hear technical details about your product like interface, how long it takes you to make it, how those coffee beans grow and so on.

Instead, relate to them and their necessities. How does it affect them? This coffee is good not because it grows – insert fifteen minutes of botanical detailing here, but because it’s healthy for you, and it’s organic. Therefore, you can enjoy your morning pick me up in a healthy, risk-free way.

2. Consider Working with Opinion Leaders before the Launch

Don’t worry. We’re not talking about any big celebrities. If you have a local business, then you can think locally in terms of opinion leaders as well. Are there any local public persons in your area, bloggers, vloggers with a lot of traffic, and so on? They can be open about advertising your product on their own social media before the launch itself. In this way, you can get some positive advertising and influence both your public and the media. This really is a thing to consider when launching a new product.

3. Can You Make the Product Launch an Event?

Never think on a small scale. You’re in business now. Therefore, if you’re undergoing a product launch, don’t envisage a room with a few rows of chairs and a little stage where you can get up and talk about your product while a slideshow plays behind you. That works when you’re Elon Musk because Elon Musk is the event.

Try to make as big a deal out of it as possible, closing down the business for the day, gathering as many people as you can, and providing an appropriate form of entertainment. Creating an event around your launch will let both your customer base and the media know that you are serious.

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4. Make the New Product a Show-Off

Given the fact that today’s market is such a fierce competition in itself, there is not much you can come up with that somebody else hasn’t already thought of or is selling. Therefore, a strategy you can use is making your own product something people will want to buy so as to show off in front of others. This is a page right out of the Apple handbook. Sure, others make smartphones. But it’s cooler to have an iPhone, right?

Consider all of the above points when launching a new product, but never forget the bottom line. A product launch requires planning. It might sound redundant, but it’s not. Never leave things to the last minute or throw something together randomly. Your product deserves a nice send-off into the world.

Author: Amanda Knowles