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Job Interview Checklist: Make Sure You’re Ready

by Katharine Hansen, Ph.D., and Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D.

Are you going on a job interview soon? Use this thorough checklist to guide you through the interview-preparation process and move you closer to successfully attaining the job you seek.

Job Interview Checklist

I have:

Thoroughly researched the organization I’m interviewing with, the industry, my interviewer, and the job itself. (See our Guide to Researching Companies, Industries, and Countries).
Conducted research so I know all interview logistics, such as parking, office location, paperwork, attire, and the type of interview that will be conducted. I have called to confirm the interview time.
Prepared and practiced for the interview without memorizing or over-rehearsing my answers. I’ve reviewed the questions I think I may be asked in the interview, as well as my planned responses to them. I have composed my responses in writing (see our article Promising Interview-Prep Technique: Composing Written Responses to Interview Questions and our practice interview questions database).
Enlisted a friend or family member to do a mock interview with me.
Visualized myself going through the full interview experience and performing magnificently. I imagine myself confidently sailing through the interview.
Asked for good directions and/or searched for a map/directions from an Internet map site, such as Mapquest, Google Maps, or Yahoo Maps.
Taken a practice run to the location where I’m having the interview — or otherwise made sure I know exactly where it is and how long it takes to get there.
Gotten a good night’s sleep. Brushed my teeth and used mouthwash. Bathed or showered. Used deodorant soap and put on deodorant. For confidence, spritzed on a tiny bit of cologne without overdoing it.

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Author: Jon Stahl