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Professionals Give 4 Interviewing Skills Every HR Manager Should Possess

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Everybody has been through an interview at least once in their lives. We all know how stressful it can be if you’re a candidate, but what if you’re the HR manager? Things are not easy on the other side of the barrier either. Today we are going to see what professionals say about the necessary interviewing skills. If you’re not working in HR, you might be surprised to see that there are things the interviewers have to do as well.

Interviewing Skills HR Managers Should Have

1. Making the candidate comfortable

John Rampton is an entrepreneur, a connector, and an online influencer, as he describes himself. In his opinion, one of the most important interviewing skills is to make the candidate comfortable. Offering a glass of water or a cup of tea/coffee can make a huge difference for them. You can also introduce them to other company staff, for example. Before the actual interview, offer them everything they need to know: date, location, what kind of interview is it etc.

2. Emotional intelligence

Just as it is important to assess their own emotional intelligence, it also matters for you to prove yours. Carolyn Sun, who works as a research editor, claims that it’s extremely important to realize who you are hiring. This is essential for creating a company culture and making sure of its future success. As such, an important step is to choose some informative interview questions that can lead you on the right path to the perfect employee.

3. Prepare before the interview

Just like the candidate needs to prepare before coming to the office, so does the HR manager. Alex Freund, who is a career coach specialized in interview preparation, claims that one of the major interviewing skills is knowing how to prepare for this meeting. Bring a list of qualifications, for example, or the job responsibilities for the position that is open. Be prepared to answer any questions the interviewee may have about the employee benefits or the company goals.

4. Nonverbal communication

Many people don’t pay enough attention to this, but it can be pretty important. Carole Martin, who is an interview coach, explains how this can be achieved easily. The main purpose here is to show that you are confident enough. Stand straight and make eye contact. A firm handshake is also welcome if you want to connect to the other person. Studies have shown that we decide whether we like a person or not in the first 20 seconds. As such, the nonverbal communication becomes essential.


We have to admit that not all HR managers have these interview skills. Indeed, it’s not an easy task to make the best of an interview, but it’s definitely worth it. If you’re an HR manager, you should definitely consider what other professionals said about these skills. If you’re an interviewee, then it’s good for you to remember them next time and to identify what tactics is the HR manager using to get to know you better.

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Author: Amanda Knowles