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Top 5 Interview Questions to Ask Interviewee

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Interview questions should normally benefit both sides. The interviewer should be able to find out about the personality and abilities of the candidate. In turn, the candidate should be given the opportunity to highlight their best skills and achievements in addition to their resume. So, if you found yourself in the position to hire some employees or you are a candidate looking for a cheat sheet on how to pass your interview with flying colors, we’ve made a list of the top 5 interview questions to ask interviewee and the goals these questions aim for.

Top 5 Interview Questions to Help You Select the Very Best

Why Should We Hire You?

You might think this is a rather run-of-the-mill question. However, keep in mind that this will allow the candidate to define themselves and highlight what exactly sets them apart from the others. It will also help you put aside descriptions that are generic so you can focus on those who put in the effort to demonstrate that their knowledge, experience, and skills will benefit your business.

Describe the best boss you have ever worked for.

This is an interesting challenge to set to your candidate. From the description, you should be able to tell how skilled the candidate is and how well they manage a relationship with a supervisor. You will be able to see more of their personality and approaches to problem-solving and moreover, you can see what expectations they have from the new workplace. See in what way they were more efficient, by having autonomy or by following instructions.

How Do You Handle an Important Company Decision?

This is an interview question especially aimed at managerial positions. The answer will tell you if they feel secure enough to take the decision themselves or if they will involve staff. The way they engage with the staff should also be an important aspect you should take into consideration. Whether they will hold a one-on-one meeting or involve a group will tell you about his decision-making abilities and strategic thinking. With this question, you should be able to see if the candidate’s management style fits your company’s culture.

What Was Your Best Achievement at Work?

The goal of this question is to see what the candidate considers an achievement to be in the workplace. This way, you should find out about their values and priorities and if they align with your own vision and expectations. In addition, you could ask the candidate to name their top values to see what motivates them the most.

Why Are You Leaving Your Current Employer?

If the candidate is employed, this question will help you determine the values, goals, and expectations of the candidate in one swipe. The answer will tell you what prompted them to seek another job, what they expect from a new experience and how ambitious they are. See if the candidate wants to advance quicker or wishes for a higher position. You can also see if they are simply running away from a bad experience.

Final Words

We hope that this list of interview questions to ask interviewee will help you in selecting the candidates that fit your vision best. You can also add to the list questions that have previously worked in the recruitment process. Experience is an important factor when it comes to selecting that which will benefit your business the most. However, keep in mind that you should also give the candidate the opportunity to show their best qualities.

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Author: Amanda Knowles