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Internet Etiquette in a Business Context: The Basics Explained

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Most business professionals are more or less familiar with the offline business etiquette. That’s because this has been in place ever since people started doing business. On the other hand, online business etiquette (or internet etiquette) is quite a recent addition. Which is why it can be confusing for some people. How do you behave on the internet when doing business? What are the dos and don’ts? We’re going to answer these questions and many more in today’s guide.

Internet Etiquette in Business: The Basics

Use the Internet Strictly for Work

If you’re working in a company or firm, unless you’re on your lunch break or the work hours haven’t started yet, we advise you not to use the internet for personal matters. We know it’s tempting to browse social media every now and then, but this will distract you from your work and you might end up wasting more time than you thought you would. Some companies might be more permissive about this, which is fine. Still, you have to be the one to keep track of how much you’ve worked and how much time you’ve spent doing something else.

Beware of Email Etiquette

Most businesses still use email as the main form of communication. Which is why you should learn to make the difference between personal emails and work emails. If in a personal email, you can write pretty much anything you want, a work email should be 100 percent professional. This means you have to be aware of the language you use. Don’t use any colloquial language (unless it’s someone you know really well and are friendly with), and keep your emails neutral (no political or religious comments). Furthermore, remember that business emails are used to exchange information. This means you have to keep them short and to the point.

Remember Your Posts Are Permanent

Sure, you can delete a post you’re not satisfied with. However, if that post has already been on the internet for even a couple of minutes, at least one person already saw it. Basically, once you say something online, taking it back becomes almost impossible.

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If they saw something they didn’t like, they won’t forget it. Which is why before posting something on the internet or sending an email, make sure this is exactly what you want to say. Moreover, remember that it should be in tune with what you want your company to put forth.

Stay Away from Overpromotion

You can (and should) use the internet to promote your business. Nevertheless, people won’t appreciate you spamming them with promotional material at all times. This includes both emails and social media. Remember to keep a certain balance and alternate posts in which you promote your brand with posts in which you provide customers with interesting information about the industry or curiosities related to the business field you’re in.

Whenever you want to establish an online presence for your business, keep in mind these tips and tricks on internet etiquette. They’ll ensure a successful and productive customer interaction.

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Author: Amanda Knowles