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3 Inspirational Figures Share Their Daily Checklist or Why Having One Matters

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A lot of successful people have a daily checklist that they stick to in order to maximize their productivity and make the most of every single day. Daily checklists are definitely something that you should consider as well. Especially if you’re an extremely busy person with a scattered schedule. They’ll help you get organized and prioritize, while making sure you don’t forget anything that you were supposed to do in a given day. Because we want to provide you with some inspiration as to what a daily checklist should contain, we’ve gathered some items that 3 inspirational figures include in theirs.

Daily Checklist Examples Coming from 3 Inspirational Figures

1. Write Your List the Night Before

This first example relates more to when you should write your daily checklist rather than what you should write in it. Still, we found it extremely relevant for determining why having such a list matters. CEO of American Express, Kenneth Chenault reveals that he chooses to write down three things he wants to accomplish the next day every night before going home. This is an effective technique since what you’ve achieved that day is still fresh in your mind. Moreover, so is what you should achieve the next day. By writing the list the night before, you ensure that you’ll start your day with what you have to do. Plus, you won’t be wasting any time writing a list.

2. Check Your Emails

If you’re a person who communicates through emails quite often, then you know that it can be hard to find a system to sort through them and reply in a timely fashion. If we take the example of David Karp, the founder of the well-known website Tumblr, we find out that prioritizing is very important. For instance, he doesn’t check his emails until he gets to the office at around 10 a.m. Then, he prioritizes the most important ones. Finally, he goes through the rest while establishing what he needs to do that day.

3. Incorporate Some Physical Activity into Your Routine

Ideally, every daily checklist should also include at least one thing that involves physical activity. This doesn’t only keep us healthy, but also fills us with energy, especially if done in the morning. For instance, editor-in-chief at Vogue, Anna Wintour starts each day by playing tennis for an hour. While she starts her tennis match at 5:45 a.m., this can be too early for some people. Remember that you can simply choose to wake up later, as long as you still start work at the required time. Moreover, you don’t need to exercise for one hour in order to get visible results. Even a 15-minute jog to work can work wonders for your energy levels and general well-being.

We hope these daily checklists of 3 inspirational people were enough to convince you that the secret to their success doesn’t hide behind extraordinary rituals, but behind an organized and well-balanced life. As such, you too can create a daily routine that can help you give your best every single day.

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Author: Amanda Knowles