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3 Influencers Share Their Wisdom on Overcoming Obstacles

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In life, we rarely get to walk the path that leads to our goals without also having to overcome certain obstacles. While some people get the hang of overcoming obstacles without breaking a sweat, others still struggle with the idea that they have to face challenges that may make their path to success more difficult. What better way for those people to get the necessary inspiration to push through than to hear what some top influencers have to say about overcoming obstacles? Today’s guide is all about 3 such influencers and their advice to you.

3 Influencers on Overcoming Obstacles


Don’t Give Up

​This might sound like an obvious thing to say to someone who has to overcome certain obstacles. Still, precisely because people think of it that way, not many actually say it. Diana Nyad, one of the world’s most famous record-setting long-distance swimmers, talks about how, while she was swimming 100 miles from Cuba to Florida, she realized that it’s all about what you make of the journey. She attempted this journey 4 times and failed. Only after getting help from a team of experts did she finally succeed. According to Nyad, there are three things that this experience taught her: not to give up, not to think she’s too old to do it, and not to be afraid to rely on a team.


​Accept Yourself

​Spoken word artist Shane Koyczan had a hard time growing up. He was bullied and he struggled a lot with the fact that we’re expected to know who we are and to define ourselves when we’re extremely young. Even more so, others provide us with identities that we’re also expected to accept. At the same time, whatever we dream of, says Koyczan, is considered foolish, silly, and ultimately impossible.

Among all of these struggles, his message remains strong. Whenever you look in the mirror and can’t find anything beautiful or worthy about yourself, change the mirror. If that doesn’t work, look more intently, or even stare at yourself longer. Koyczan’s advice reflects the idea that in order to overcome obstacles, we have to have faith in ourselves and rely on our inner strength.


​Find Support

​Mental health law expert Elyn Saks has had her own issues with mental illness. She battled schizophrenia for a long time, managing to still be here to share her wisdom with us today. She compares schizophrenia to having a nightmare, except you’re actually awake. The prognosis for her condition was bleak, and many people didn’t expect her to manage to put herself together.

Despite all odds, Saks overcame the obstacle that was her disease. Now, she recollects three things that helped her be the person she is today. The first one was the treatment she got, the second one were her friends and family, and the third one were the people who supported her at work. What comes out of her story is the fact that the help of people who care for you is incredibly effective for anyone struggling to overcome obstacles.

These 3 influencers have definitely managed to inspire us with their overcoming obstacles stories, and we hope they managed to do the same for you.

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Author: Amanda Knowles