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5 Influencer Campaigns to Inspire You

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Influencers have been getting more and more power in the recent years. For this reason, more and more companies choose to use them to promote their own products, services, or events. However, influencer campaigns are not as easy as they may seem. Today we are going to have a look at some great examples and see what lies behind a successful campaign.

Influencer Campaigns that Teach You Something

1. Old Navy

One of the first influencer campaigns we want to present you is the one made by the famous clothing chain. Last year in December, they asked Meghan Rienks, who is a social media influencer, to participate in some promotional posts on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. The videos show her suggesting her fans some outfits for various occasions, such as a date night or a holiday party. Obviously, the clothes come from Old Navy.

2. Daniel Wellington

The famous watchmaker from Sweden worked not just with one, but with thousands of Instagram influencers. They had to post images of these watches, offering their followers a 15% discount for the products. What’s interesting is that the influencers, such as Adriana Gastelum or David Ambarzumjan, included the watches naturally in the pictures.

3. ASOS Insiders

The third example we have for today is the ASOS Insiders campaign. Basically, the clothing company offered sponsored accounts for various influencers. Their task was to upload images with them wearing clothing from ASOS. Moreover, they had to add some links to enable their followers to buy the clothes. The main point here is that they were lifestyle, beauty, or fashion bloggers, so they already had an audience to cater to. It was, in fact, a very smart move from ASOS, who reached a lot of aaudiencesnaturally and organically.

4. Naked Juice

The smoothie brand Naked Juice wanted to expand their audience and to get to people interested in fashion, beauty, and health, who were active on Instagram. To reach their goal, they asked for help from important influences in the field. One example is the lifestyle blogger Kate La Vie, who shared some sponsored posts with snapshots of her beauty essentials and daily outfits.

5. Mercedes Benz & Loki

Storytelling is a great way of advertising, and the team at Mercedes Benz surely knows this. Their aim was to make their brand seem desirable and accessible, catering mainly to younger audiences. In the beginning of this year, they worked with Loki, who is a dog famous on Instagram, and Kelly Lund, his owner. They posted a video showing Lund driving a Mercedes in Crested Butte, Colorado, showing their audience a peek of the landscape as seen by Loki.


There are some other ways of creating influencer campaigns that go beyond the typical structure of sponsoring posts. The more natural an ad comes from an influencer, the more people it can naturally reach. And this is perhaps the most important thing when doing such a campaign, to reach people who are truly interested in your product or service. As such, they will get to you out of a real need or wish, thus enabling a long-term commitment.

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Author: Amanda Knowles