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Learn How to Increase Instagram Followers Fast and Free

how to increase Instagram followers

I bet your Instagram profile is looking a little gloomy today, right? It might be because Mercury is in conjunction with Venus. Or it may just as well be that you don’t know, yet, how to increase Instagram followers. Have no fear, though. We’ll offer here some tips about what you need to do. So keep on reading.

Learn About How To Increase Instagram Followers

Profile Creation and Optimization

On this social channel, it’s all about how to increase Instagram followers. The more there are, the more quality content (be them stories, photos, videos, CTAs), the more engagement you can get. So first off: make sure you create an optimized Instagram profile. It must look good, say who you are and why they should (or must) follow you.

A good, catchy, and easy to remember profile name will do the trick. Ultimately, if your name is also a brandable one, the more you can gain. Then, you must make sure that your profile is public, so people can find it easily. Also, your full name should appear under the Instagram name and profile picture.

Promote Engagement

Now, you’re set to start with the right foot on your quest on how to increase Instagram followers. First off: quality photos. Mobile-made, especially. This is important because Instagram was made for eye-catching, impressive photos that have a message. So it would be best to start by thinking of your photos. How to make them, catch the details, or panoramic photos. This depends, of course, on what you’re aiming at. Then, invite users to comment or show you their appreciation.

In other words: call to action! It is very important to create compelling, engaging content with which your followers can relate. This can gain you exposure. Because your followers’ followers will be noticed of the respective ones’ activity. So use #hashtags like you mean it. And place them strategically.

Use Hashtags Correctly

Words are powerful, words compel. But if you’re going to learn how to increase Instagram followers, you must pay attention to quality, not quantity. A full-on-word-rage can gain you exposure, but it can also create a long list that looks unaesthetic under that fabulous photo you’ve posted. So make sure that you use the right #hashtags. Such popular ones are #TBT (Throw Back Thursday) or #MotivationMonday. If you’re quite unsure which ones are the most trending, you can use the TagsforLikes app. It gives you a list of the most popular tags that you can use.

Also, you can combine hashtags with compelling calls to action to make your audience engage. #Share, #Love, #Comment could be a start.

Post at the Most Convenient Times

Posting regularly and at the most convenient times is another great lesson on your how to increase Instagram followers journey. This means that your audience must be online to see the newest, trendiest posts of yours. Otherwise, it would be just as if you’re singing in a forest while no one’s around. Who’s going to hear you sing?

As such, make sure you find some sort of a pattern of your audience. Try to see the times when your audience is most active on Instagram. Also, whenever you have the opportunity, interact with them: post comments on their Instagram posts, like, love, the likes. This will show them not only that you’re real, but also that you’re also engaging with their content too.

This is all about how to increase Instagram followers in a natural, organic manner. Don’t try buying Instagram users. As we have shown in an article about buying fake Twitter followers, you can extend this onto a rationale regarding buying Instagram followers.

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Author: Amanda Knowles