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6 Inbound Marketing Platforms You Should Know About (2017)

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If you have a bad strategy, no type of technology can save your campaign. However, there are some inbound marketing platforms that can be very useful when you want to have a great campaign. Next, we are going to analyze the platforms you need to know about this year and what they can do for you.

Inbound Marketing Platforms You Can’t Miss

1. Hubspot

This is the most famous tool you can use for inbound marketing. It’s a complete solution for when you want to promote, optimize, and create content. It’s also useful for creating some lead generation funnels, reporting on the performance, or automating the lead nurturing. And what’s most impressive is that it’s a free tool.

2. ActiveCampaign

If you’re looking for an alternative to Hubspot, you should consider ActiveCampaign. This is a great option if you need an affordable version. In the beginning, it was merely an email marketing platform, but in time they added some useful CRM and marketing automation features. Their campaigns allow you to automate sales, productivity, and marketing activities, such as taggings, emails, SMS, etc.

3. GatherContent

When it comes to content management, GatherContent is a great option. When you start, it might be easier to track the content. However, as you scale up your business, the deadlines, dependencies, and approvals can become hard to manage. This is one of the inbound marketing platforms that help you organize your content marketing chaos. You can use visual workflows and processes to keep a campaign to run well.

4. Hatchbuck

Hatchbuck is a great marketing automation and CRM tool that fits perfectly a small business. It’s affordable and easy to use. Moreover, you will find there all the necessary tools for automating sales and marketing. After you start using it, you just need to select a couple of settings and then integrate it with your own website.

5. Beacon

In case you need an eGuide for design, Beacon is the right tool to use. As your company is growing, we know that you may not have the resources or the time necessary to produce the design you want, especially on a large scale. Beacon comes to save you with great typography, imagery, as well as excellent layouts. You need just a click to import content and then apply the design you need to it.

6. Infusionsoft

This is yet another useful alternative to the regular inbound marketing platforms. Infusionsoft relies on a CRM, complete with plenty of other features. You just need a basic plan, which will help you set up some landing pages, send out emails, track the contact data in the CRM, and build campaigns. What’s unique about it is that it offers an e-commerce functionality.


The 6 inbound marketing platforms we presented above are very useful for anybody who can’t handle their campaign anymore. And it’s natural for this to happen, as your company grows more and more. Luckily, you can find such a platform for any help you might need: design, content, CRM, etc. You just need to choose the one that best fits your needs.

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Author: Amanda Knowles