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3 Entrepreneurs Talk about the Importance of Twitter Followers

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Do you have a Twitter account for your business? If you don’t, you should know that there are many benefits to having one. You get to be more visible online, tell people about your brand in an interactive way, and gain followers. Twitter followers are important for any Twitter account, and business accounts make no exception. Today, we’ve decided to approach the importance of Twitter followers by looking at the views of 3 entrepreneurs on the matter.

The Importance of Twitter Followers: 3 Entrepreneurs Weigh In

1. Quantity

Almost everyone you would ask about the importance of Twitter followers would say you should focus on their quality, not on how many they are. This is undeniably true, and co-founder of Buffer, Leo Widrich, certainly agrees. However, he does mention that you can’t overlook quantity either. That’s because quantity will inevitably lead to more visibility, which is what you ultimately want.

Even so, Widrich advises not to fall for scams that promise to get you thousands of followers in just a couple of days. This is not the way you want to do business. The best way to attract more people to your Twitter account is through the quality of your tweets and the time you spend engaging with them.

2. Marketing and Influence

Blogger and marketing specialist at Endource, Abbie Tanner believes that one of the main reasons why you should wish for more Twitter followers is because of the influence this will provide you with in the long run. Naturally, this also entails engaged followers, not just people who follow your account and then never engage with it.

Tanner provides an example of how her Twitter followers help her, in order to show their importance. She says that whenever she tweets asking for a recommendation, people usually respond with plenty of options. While this can mean different things for different people, for a business, it can also mean you might be able to get contacts through Twitter or get to know brands that would want to collaborate with you.

3. Authority

The number of followers you have can also determine the amount of authority you have in your business field. People tend to trust businesses and professionals with a lot of followers more than they trust people who don’t have a large online following. Tina Morgan, author and entrepreneur, says that the more people follow you, the more authority you’ll have. People like hearing ideas from businesses that specialize in a certain niche, and Twitter can help you build that niche and become its leader.

This creates a domino effect. How, you ask? Well, when people like your tweets, they’re likely to follow you and retweet your posts. Then, their friends and followers will see them as well, potentially like them, and follow you in return. Ultimately, the number of Twitter followers you have will increase, and so will the popularity of your business.

The importance of Twitter followers is undeniable for any business with a Twitter account. We hope these 3 entrepreneurs have convinced you of that and motivated you to gain more Twitter followers.

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Author: Amanda Knowles