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How to Write a Self Assessment: 6 Suggestions

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It’s extremely important for any company to evaluate the progress made by the employees. A part of the formal performance review process is self assessment. Also called self-appraisals or self-evaluations, these help the employer see what an employee thinks about their own performance. But how to write a self assessment? Today we are presenting you a couple of tips to help you with that.

Tips on How to Write a Self Assessment

1. Be Proud of Yourself

Even if you’re not proud of yourself in general, this is your opportunity to shine. In fact, this is the main goal of a self assessment. You need to show the specific projects where you did your best. Emphasize the impact of each of them. Remember that the goal here is to show how important you are for the company.

2. Be Honest

This is yet another essential aspect when writing a self evaluation. Your bosses already know what projects you worked on and what were the results. As such, it’s useless to lie or to try to augment your merits when it’s not the case. You can even employ some developmental language if you think there are areas where you can improve.

3. Talk about Your Challenges

An essential part of how to write a self assessment is not to self-promote without any shame. Be humble, but objective. Talk about what challenges you faced in the last year. Describe the steps you took in overcoming them and what are your plans to improve those areas.

4. Take Your Time

Whether you believe it or not, your manager will know if you rushed through your self-appraisal. As such, make sure you take the time you need. If necessary, you can even schedule some special time for it in the calendar. Remember that the self-appraisal is just for you, and you totally deserve it. Take advantage of the features/ space provided in the form.

5. Don’t Do It in One Go

Imagine the self-appraisal like a work of art. Give yourself some time to reflect on it. Start off with a draft and then come back to it in a couple of days, with a clearer mind. It’s extremely important to grammar- and spell-check your documents. Also, make sure that you bring examples for each of your assertions. All these precautions will show your bosses that this is important to you.

6. Ask about Career-Development Opportunities

A self assessment is a great opportunity to ask your boss about any career opportunities. Even if the employer doesn’t ask you about it, it’s a good idea to do it anyway. This shows that you are interested in advancing in the company and staying with them. As such, they might be more on the lookout for trainings, tasks or assignments for you.


Some people don’t give enough importance to the self assessment. However, it is a great opportunity to place yourself in a good light and to highlight your qualities. For this reason, it’s important to take your time and work seriously on it. Consider the tips above and you will see the benefits later.

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Author: Amanda Knowles