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How to Write a Meta Description that Will Help You Rank

how to write a meta description

Answer this question in all fairness. Are you using your meta description? If the answer is not, then you should know you are missing out on a hugely important SEO tool that could make your website show up regularly in searches and generate fresh leads. But how to write a meta description the proper way? Here’s how.

1. Never Write More Than 155 Characters

In fact, if you can keep it anywhere below that, you are welcomed to do so. Evidently, this will become a real challenge when you’ve got so much good content to put out there. But you need to trust your copywriting skills. Delivering a meta description that goes beyond the character limit will be cut off in the SERP. And that’s just annoying.

Remember. A complete sentence might entice a user to click on your website. Not a half-formed one.

2. The User Comes First

Even if you are tempted or have been advised by others to cram in there are many keywords as possible, don’t do that. When you simply string them together without giving them some shape or coherence whatsoever, you might make it high as far as ranking goes, but the users won’t like it. That means a higher bounce rate and users who will never come back to your site.

3. CTAs and Offers

If you are that kind of business, you can always use your meta description as a type of ad. Yes, you can actually include an offer in there or a short call to action which will prompt the user to click on your website. “30-day trial,” “huge sale,” “unbeatable prices,” “call right now for a discount,” and so on. This will boost the click-through rate. Also, it will make you stand out from your competition.

This piece of advice works particularly well if you managed to rank right below or above Google’s paid ads. In this way, they will blend right in and make a nice continuum.

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4. Names and Brands

Another great idea on how to write a meta description is to casually drop some name or brands that you have worked with. Maybe you have clients, brands, vendors, or even certifications that you are proud of and that you think can boost your business when it comes to customers. If that is the case, then you can use the name drop in the meta description.

However, be careful. There are two things you need to remember here. First of all, don’t use too many of them. Second of all, keep in mind that Google cuts off all the descriptions which have double quotations marks. This means that you cannot include characters that are non-alphanumeric when you’re trying to mention a brand or a particular name.

The process of how to write a meta description is a fickle one. We’ll give you that. However, with a lot of practice and reading our advice, you’ll master this digital art. Write to us in the comment section below and let us know what has been your experience so far with SEO and the meta description.

Author: Amanda Knowles