How to Write a Follow Up Email without Being Annoying

How to Write a Follow Up Email without Being Annoying

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When thinking how to write a follow up email, one thing to always consider – how not to be annoying, but pleasantly persistent. You need to send that email, and you know it. However, you also know that the receiver might feel pressured into doing what you’re asking. Therefore, how do you write it? Here are a few consistent tips.

How to Write a Follow Up Email Without Being Annoying

1. Being Persistent Doesn’t Equal Writing an Email Per day

It’s understandable that you need someone badly if you’re trying so hard to contact them and get an answer. However, the solution is not writing every single day. Doing this will only show that you have no respect for that person’s time. The correct way of proceeding is by writing an email per week and then switching to a few weeks.

2. Always Be as Polite as You Can

When you notice that someone you are in dire need of has stopped communicating with you altogether, you mustn’t write back in anger and show your frustration. Never use wordings such as ‘you haven’t answered yet’ or ‘you are ignoring me.’ Try to keep your annoyance to a minimum and be polite.

3. Ask If You Should Stop Writing

Here is another great tip on how to write a follow up email without being annoying.

If you have already sent quite a few follow up emails, and you still haven’t heard back, it’s time to stop. However, you should ask first. They key in phrasing this particular email is being as honest as you can. Tell your recipient what you’ve noticed and simply ask if you are wasting their time and want you to stop.

Most people appreciate honesty and will deem it necessary to write back.

4. Don’t Use Templates

When doing follow up several times over, it’s vital you don’t use a template. In other words, don’t send the same follow up email over and over again. You risk the recipient believing you are spamming him. Apart from that, most emails which do not have a personal touch almost never receive an answer.

5. Stop

This rule on how to write a follow up email without sounding annoying links to the third one we listed. If you ask the recipient should you stop writing and the answer is yes, then stop. It’s clear that they will never answer you, let alone help or give you what you wanted.

Therefore, if you want to keep the damage to a minimum and remain on good speaking terms with that person, you should simply stop emailing them.

Doing follow up is never an easy or pleasant task. However, if you follow our tips on how to write an email without being annoying, there is no way you can go wrong.

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Author: Amanda Knowles