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How to Write a Cold Email Step by Step Guide

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A cold email refers to an email that was not solicited. However, do not confuse it with spam emails! While spam emails are mass marketing messages sent to as many people as possible, cold emails are personalized, offering a specific value. They are quite important when approaching an unknown person. Because of this, it’s important to know how to write a cold email, regardless of the purpose you have. Whether you are pitching someone important, asking for advice or presenting an offer, the following step by step guide can help you a lot:

Guide to Writing a Cold Email

Step 1. A Compelling Subject Line

Try to use a strong hook in the subject line and make the reader curious. People won’t read an email that doesn’t seem of interest to them with anything. You can mention the offer or request in a few words, for example.

Step 2. Keep It Short

Imagine you are the one receiving the email. If you have to scroll or read endlessly through it, then you will probably get bored. Minimizing the details will not only make the email shorter, but it will also raise the curiosity of the reader. You don’t need to give it all away right from the start!

Step 3. Use a Smart Strategy

There are lots of strategies out there which you can use for a cold email. Some of them are:

  • BAB (Before-After-Bridge) – Explain the current situation to the recipient (before), show them how things would be different if they did what you ask (after) and offer them the solution (bridge).
  • PAS (Problem-Agitate-Solve) – Show them a pain point in their situation (problem), agitate the point and then offer a solution (solve).
  • But You Are Free – Statistically, if you offer your recipient a way out, you will double the chances for them to say yes. Simply include a line similar to “Here you have a quick link about the problem. If you’d rather not, I understand and appreciate you reading until now”.
  • Star-Chain-Hook – First of all, present them the big idea (the star). Then go on and back it up with facts, reasons, sources and benefits (the chain). Lastly, insert a call to action (the hook).

These are just a couple of strategies that help you understand better how to write a cold email. Of course, you can use many others, just make sure that your content is attractive.

Step 4. Proofread the Email

Read through the message again. Make sure that the email is clear and on a conversational tone. If you can, read it aloud, just so you hear how the recipient will perceive it. Now is the time to make the last modifications and see if you forgot anything.

Step 5. Check Spelling and Grammar

It may seem a bit odd to add this at the end, but part of a good cold email is the accuracy. Remember that once you send the email, you cannot unsend it, so it has to be as close to perfection as possible. After all, you don’t want to leave a bad impression on your reader, right?


Thinking about how to write a cold email may seem a little scary at first, but thankfully things are quite simple. Following the steps above should give you a good idea of how the email is supposed to look like. Remember to spell check and to be clear and concise. Good luck!

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Author: Amanda Knowles