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How to Use Pinterest for Marketing: 5 Tricks

how to use pinterest for marketing

What exactly do you use Pinterest for? To browse for hours among countless outstanding pictures of recipes, dresses, cute children, and makeup. But Pinterest is still a social media platform at heart. Therefore, you can learn how to use Pinterest for marketing reasons. Here are a few tricks.

1. Use Keywords for the Title of Your Boards

If you have a Pinterest page for your business, then, naturally, you want people to find it. Here’s the trick. When you create boards, make sure to use keywords. In this way, a lot more people will locate them and recommend them to friends.

2. Keywords for the Descriptions

Keywords need to make an appearance in the description as well. A cool thing about pins is that they can be tweeted. If and when they do, the description will be the tweet. Therefore, remember to make it short, comprehensive, and compelling. A little retweeting magic won’t hurt either.

3. Vertical Images Are Best

Although you might be tempted to upload just about any image of your product or service that you have on hand, you should know that, on Pinterest, vertical images work best. You can also upload square ones or landscape ones, but they are best to be avoided. If you want a frame of reference, think in the lines of 735 pixels by 1102 pixels. Verticals pictures invite viewers to repin.

4. Try Rich Pins

Rich pins are a bit more different than normal pins because they are more useful. They are especially good if you happen to have a business based on products. With Rich Pins, you can add pricing in real time, how much more stock you have available, as well as links that lead the customer directly to your page.

Basically, you will be adding a bunch of metadata to your pins which will lead the client to your page in case he or she wants to buy something while browsing on Pinterest. Otherwise, they would have to exit Pinterest and search for your website on Google and then search for the product on the website, in case you still have it. This is much simpler.

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5. Buyable Pins

Interested in making matters even easier for your customers? How about buyable pins? In very simple terms, people can buy the items marked with a buyable pin without even leaving Pinterest. How cool is that? Pinterest has just become the market of our dreams! Every pin that has a buyable product has a blue button next to it which says ‘Buy It.’ Mind you, not all of them are like that. The best part of all pictures on Pinterest is still just pretty images. However, you can try this feature if you want to know how to use Pinterest for marketing.

Pinterest is so much more than just a beautiful platform that people browse through to satiate their need for aesthetically pleasing images. If you know how to use Pinterest for marketing purposes, you should definitely try it so that you can boost your sales.

Author: Amanda Knowles