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How to Take Control of Your Mind and Redesign Yourself

how to take control of your mind

Trying to control your own thought process and brain is no easy thing to do. People typically attempt it to fight depression, try to stay positive or coerce themselves into being more successful or finishing projects. But just thinking about something is not enough. Here is how to take control of your mind in just a few easy steps if you want to redesign yourself.

1. Listen to the Messages

What is your mind telling you? That, if you don’t work hard enough, you won’t get that promotion you always wanted. Or your boss might not give you a job raise. Your children might not be getting into their preferred school because you failed to do something. That you shouldn’t be eating this much junk food and exercising more.

We usually think about all these things and cast them aside at the end of the day as worries. You shouldn’t do that anymore. Instead, listen to them attentively and thank your mind for reminding you of the grim outcome.

2. Don’t Make More of Your Thoughts Than What They Are

Even though you should stop and recognize your thoughts and worries and thank your mind for realizing them, you shouldn’t turn them into the source of your unhappiness. In other words, make sure you realize they are simply thoughts. Most often than not, people identify with what they are thinking.

For example, if you think that you’re a bit of a bore and nobody wants to spend time with you, then that is what you accept about yourself. In reality, things might be completely different. The only reason that happens is that we can’t really see outside of our own person. Therefore, we can’t be objective about ourselves.

However, try to think happy thoughts. This will teach you how to take control of your mind. You’ll see how quickly you will feel a lot better about yourself and the world in general.

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3. Take the Time to Know Your Mind

This is easily achieved via meditation. It means that you have to spend a little time and observe your mind and the way it works. It’s amazing how many things you can find out about it, the way you think and about yourself when you do that.

People are a bit reticent when it comes to meditation because they have that classic image a person sitting on a mat with his legs in a yoga position and his eyes closed, most likely humming. That’s outdated. Meditation and spending time with your own mind can be done any way you like.

For example, you can take a walk in nature, lie down and listen to some peaceful music, drive around for a little while, and so on. Anything that relaxes you and allows you to focus on nothing else than your own mind.

Knowing how to take control of your mind implies a few things. You have to listen to the thoughts and messages it’s trying to send you, realize they are just thoughts and not a universal truth, and meditate as much as you can. Also, don’t forget to make peace with your own mind.

Author: Amanda Knowles