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How to Start a YouTube Channel for Business

how to start a youtube channel

It’s no secret that one of the best ways to get visibility online as a business is to create a YouTube channel. We tend to be visual creatures, which means that we’re more likely to watch a short and interesting clip than read an article or a blog post. YouTube is an amazing platform that can help you develop your business, if you know how to use it properly. Starting a YouTube channel is not at all difficult. Today, we’re going to teach you how to start a YouTube channel specifically designed for your business by taking you through the main steps you have to follow.

How to Start a YouTube Channel for Your Business

1. Sign-up to YouTube

No matter the kind of YouTube channel you want to start, you’ll have to link it to a Google+ account. If you don’t have a Google+ account, you can go straight to and click “sign-in”, and then “create account”. Creating an account this way will also automatically ensure that you get a Google+ account. After you’ve filled out all the fields that they ask you to, you’ll get to see your YouTube homepage. There, you can access “my channel” and click on the “use a business or other name” option. Now it’s time to choose a channel name and the type of business you own.

If you already have a Google+ account (recommended), here is how to start a YouTube account. You go to and use your Gmail address to sign in. Then, you click on your profile picture and the icon shaped like a wheel that you can find next to the “creator studio” option. This will allow you to select “create a new channel”. That’s when you can name it and choose a business category as well.

2. Spruce Up Your YouTube Channel

Now that we’ve told you how to sign-up to YouTube, it’s time to find out how to start a successful YouTube channel. The first thing on your mind should be adding a great profile picture and some channel art. This will make your business easily recognizable and allow you to impress potential customers with powerful visuals. We also advise you to use your Hootsuite dashboard for this channel as well. This will allow you to publish videos, schedule some of them, check your comments, and respond to them.

Some of the greatest YouTube channels are highly customized. Which is why you should enable all the customization options. You can do that by clicking on the wheel icon positioned below your channel art. This will take you to the settings of your YouTube channel, where you can enable the “customize the layout of your channel” option. YouTube will provide you with five different options, namely home, playlists, videos, about, and channels.

The “about” section is where you can add information about your business, such as where your store is located, what kind of products you offer, and what your goals are. Also, add a contact email and other social media links.

We hope these steps on how to start a YouTube channel and make money for your business will help you increase your business’ visibility in the online world. If you’re interested in some of the best business channels on YouTube, take a look at the video below

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Author: Amanda Knowles