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How to Setup a YouTube Channel in 4 Steps

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Nowadays YouTube is one of the most popular media platforms, together with Google, Facebook, and others. As such, if you want to reach as many customers as possible, it is essential to know how to setup a YouTube channel. Check out the guide below for a couple easy steps!

Steps to Set Up Your YouTube Account

1. Create the Account

Visit the official YouTube website and choose Sign In. From this screen, you can setup an account with the help of a Gmail address you already have. You will see a Google+ account request. You can ignore that for now, but if you want to be active on that social network too, do set it up as well. Opt for No Thanks if you don’t want to set it up.

Next, go to the small YouTube icon. If you look to the upper right corner, you will see a blue icon that looks like a profile picture. Click on it and you will see the Create Studio button, on which you need to click. Next, click where you see the Create a channel option.

2. Define Your YouTube Presence

Now that you know how to setup a YouTube channel, it’s time to set it up. Go to the panel with the same name and choose to use a business name. You will see a box that asks you to choose a name for your channel. Choose a category from the menu that will appear and press Agree. On the left, in the sidebar, go to Dashboard.

On the screen that appears, below the company name, click on the option View Channel. If you want to use a video right now, click on Upload found on the right side. Select the file or files you wish to upload, then select the desired video.

3. Choose the Settings

In the Basic info field, you should insert the video title, together with a description. Below the description, include keywords and tags. These will help you bring viewers to your own channel. On the right, you will notice another menu. There you can choose whether the video is public, private or unlisted.

By default, the video is set to public, which means that everybody can access your video. Beneath, you will find another box to the right, where you can insert a brief title. This alerts your subscribers of new videos that were uploaded. You can also create a playlist (a group of videos in the order you choose) or add a video to an existing playlist with the help of the buttons with the same name.

The same menu lets you opt for a certain category (in the Advanced settings menu) or allow and disable Comments. Moreover, you can choose whether the amount of views for a video is visible or not.

4. Make Your First Video Public

After you set up all the necessary details, all you need to do now is to hit Publish. If you want to see the video immediately, check out the link that will be shown on the next screen. All you need to do after you learned how to setup a YouTube channel is to customize it as you wish. In the My Channel menu, you can add a logo and a description of your organization.

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Author: Amanda Knowles