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How to Sell More on Etsy: 4 Tips and Tricks

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Etsy is a really great platform for anyone who wants to start a small business and sell their products on a small scale. If you’re crafty and you enjoy creating unique products and then selling them for a profit, you should consider opening an Etsy store. Unlike other platforms that help people sell things, Etsy allows you to create your own shop and make it stand out by customizing it as you wish. The process of selling your products can be tricky, especially for a beginner. Which is why we’ve devised a guide to teach you how to sell more on Etsy. Let’s have a look, shall we?

How to Sell More on Etsy: 4 Tips to Keep in Mind

1. Build a Brand

As we’ve already mentioned, on Etsy, you get to customize your own shop. This means you have more creative freedom to actually build a brand that people will remember. What does building a brand entail, you ask? Well, for instance, you can allow the shop to look and feel more personal. As much as you might be tempted to copy the style of another shop, you should strive to find your own. This will make you stand out and provide your shop with more authenticity. Not to mention the fact that you’ll also enjoy working on it more if you feel like it represents you.

2. Focus on SEO

SEO is extremely important when it comes to selling things on Etsy. If you want your products to be visible to as many people as possible, you have to think of ways to increase your search rankings. For example, one of the easiest ways in which you can do that is to consider what words people would use in order to find the product you’re selling. Keywords are vital in SEO. Some other things that should concern you are accurate product descriptions, catchy titles, accurate tags, and so on. You have to use words that will coincide with the words people are searching for.

3. Send E-Newsletters

Another great thing you could do to increase your sales on Etsy is send e-newsletters to existing and potential customers. If you provide people with the opportunity to sing up for newsletters, you should use them to offer perks that will motivate them to buy more from you. For instance, you could offer free gifts and special discounts, organize giveaway contests, and so on. All these strategies serve as incentive for people to subscribe to your newsletter and keep an eye on your store.

4. Engage Tastemakers

Finally, if you want your shop to become more visible (and you to sell more as a result), you should consider sending samples of your products to influencers who can recommend it to their followers. Think in terms of bloggers and vloggers who can test the products and then review them on their blogs/channels. Still, you have to pay attention to what kind of tastemakers you send your products to. In order for you to be successful, you should find people whose aesthetic is similar to yours and who you think might enjoy your business.

Learning how to sell more on Etsy isn’t easy. Even so, as long as you start with these 4 tips and tricks we’ve provided you with above, you’re one step closer to a successful Etsy store. For some more Etsy shop tips, take a look at the video below.

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Author: Amanda Knowles