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4 Self-Made Entrepreneurs Teach You How to Sell an Idea to a Company

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We agree it’s not an easy task to know how to sell an idea to a company. It may require years of experience and hours, if not days of preparation. Today we are going to show what some self-made entrepreneurs have to say on this topic. Their input varies from the self-confidence you have to the actual method of presenting your idea.

How to Sell an Idea to a Company – Tips from the Best

1. Don’t Appear Weak

In general, big companies hate risk. Because of this, you and your idea shouldn’t appear weak. John Ruhlin is the CEO and the founder of the Ruhlin Group, a company dedicated to plans for acquiring new clients and building relationships. He further explains that as soon as the big CEO or the person you’re discussing your idea with senses a risk, they will not go for it. Keep in mind that nobody wants to stick out their neck for you.

2. Create a Story

One of the most useful tips on how to sell an idea to a company is to create a story. Even the least professional of the CEOs wants to hear a story, a vision. Through her experience as a marketer and Chief Marketing Officer for GE, Beth Comstock explains it in detail. As such, you should come up with a compelling story to capture your audience. Make them curious, challenge their imagination. Then, you can move on to building a great business plan.

3. Know the Market

Tamara Monosoff is a successful writer and the CEO of www.MomInvented.com. Through her valuable experience in the field, we find out that it’s important to know the market. She says that it’s essential to have as much information as you can about your invention idea. Ask around for opinions, gather data about similar products and competitors etc. Don’t forget about the prices and the profits of other companies either. They can help you sell your idea faster.

4. Think Like Your Interlocutor

Jeff Shore is an author, a sales expert and an entrepreneur. He founded the Shore Consulting company and, as such, he has plenty of things to share with us on this topic. According to him, there’s an essential thing you need to do when learning how to sell an idea to a company, namely to think like your interlocutor.

Remember that you are talking to a person, not to an abstract entity. Place yourself in their shoes: what would convince them? If you’ve heard about their tactics or mindset before, try to guess what he cares about the most.


The tips above on how to sell an idea to a company are valuable because they come from the entrepreneurs’ experience. As such, they are verified and tested through years of practice. However, they are merely some general advice. It all depends on what idea you’re trying to pitch and, of course, on the field you’re working in. Remember to think like your interlocutor, to know the market, create a story and don’t let your weaknesses be visible.

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Author: Amanda Knowles