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How to Promote Your YouTube Channel for Business: 4 Tips

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Nowadays, vlogging on YouTube has become one of the greatest ways in which you can make a name for yourself and get recognized as a brand. Whether you are into gaming, beauty, or business, there is a place on YouTube for everyone. If you want to promote your business on all media channels possible, then you have to give YouTube a try. Because we want to help you out, we thought we would talk about how to promote your YouTube channel today. Read on for some really great tips and tricks!

4 Tips on How to Promote Your YouTube Channel

1. Create a Compelling Title

Be honest, what is the first thing that draws you to a YouTube video? Isn’t it the title? You should create your titles so as to convince the audience that they are worth watching, sharing, and promoting. You should add relevant keywords and you should keep it short. However, make sure it illustrates what people are going to see once they click on it. If you don’t keep your promises, no one is going to waste a couple of minutes of their life to watch your video until the very end.

2. Take Some Time to Write a Description

After being tempted into clicking on your video because of the catchy title, some people (not all of them) will also be interested in reading the description. So what you should do is give out as many details as possible related to the video. Also make sure to use plenty of keywords. Furthermore, if in the video you are talking about certain products or people to watch, make sure to let your audience know they will find links and more information about them in the description box. That shows them that you took the time to research things for their benefit. Ultimately, it will increase your YouTube channel’s popularity.

3. Take an Awesome Thumbnail

A close second in deciding whether or not to watch a video is the thumbnail. If that little image that people can see before clicking on the video manages to raise their interest enough, then you have more chances of them watching the entire video. First of all, the thumbnail should be a very clear and crisp image. No blurred or unfocused thumbnails allowed. Second of all, it should somehow illustrate what the video is all about. Don’t use thumbnails that are completely unrelated to your video’s topic.

4. Create Short Videos

Most people don’t have that much time to spend on YouTube, so they just go there to entertain themselves for a couple of minutes, or to find out new things in a short period of time. Moreover, people’s attention span on the internet is quite small. So you might want to stick to 5 to 7-minute-long videos, and you’ll have more chances of viewers actually watching your content until the very end. If you have more to say on a particular topic, you can always make more videos and create a series of episodes that will make people look forward to your next video.

We hope our tips on how to promote your YouTube channel will be of assistance whenever you decide to take that extra step and promote your business on YouTube.

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Author: Amanda Knowles