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How to Promote Your Business: 4 Creative Tips from Experts

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Nowadays, no business can stand the test of time if its owners don’t work to promote it as best as possible. No matter the field you’re in, there will always be competitors waiting to snag potential customers away from you. That is why you have to know how to promote your business in a unique and creative way, and show people that you are the obvious choice. Luckily, successful professionals who managed to make a name for themselves are willing to share some tips to help you promote your business. Shall we take a look?

Expert Tips on How to Promote Your Business

1. Try Guest Blogging

If you are not familiar with what guest blogging is, don’t worry, we are here to help. This refers to you writing a post on a topic you are extremely familiar with. Then, have it get posted on another relevant blog in the same field of interest. President of Egg Marketing & Communications Susan Payton advises you to bring your knowledge to other blogs and ask them to link your own blog in your bio. That way, when people read your article, they have the option of visiting your blog as well.

2. Choose a Social Media Platform

Mike Volpe from HubSpot believes that especially if you are a small business and you are just starting your journey, you should stick to only one social media platform. There, you can interact with people and raise their interest in your services. Just do some research and figure out what is the one that potential customers are most likely to use. and open up an account. Then, share relevant content, engage in discussions with the community, and so on.

3. Go Visual

We are all visual creatures, there’s no denying that. This characteristic is even more accentuated by the fact that we live in a digital age. Consequently, almost everything is visual and eye-catching. That is why, Eric Elkins, CEO of, advises people who want to promote their business to use platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. They can help increase traffic on your actual website and raise the audience’s interest.

4. Use Pay-per-Click Ads

If all of the tips on how to promote your business that we’ve discussed up until now have been completely free of charge, we thought we would also include one that will require you to pay some money. We’re talking here about the pay-per-click ads. David Waterman from The Search Agency says that pay-per-click ads are a great idea if you want to focus on more specific locations and groups of people. They don’t cost that much money, and at least you know that you will be an extremely visible presence online. In turn, this will lead to more customers being interested in what you have to offer.

Whether you are just starting with your business, or you’ve already been here for a while and you want to spruce things up, make sure to try at least one of these expert tips on how to promote your business as soon as possible.

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Author: Amanda Knowles