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How to Organize Your Office: Tips and Tricks to Increase Productivity

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One of the biggest problems we have when working at a desk is organizing it. Most of the time, people start cleaning it up and sorting things, but after a while, it gets messy again. The key to a constantly organized desk is to think ahead and prevent cluttering. Today we will show you some useful tips and tricks on how to organize your office to increase productivity. Moreover, they can help you learn how to work more efficiently.

How to Organize Your Office Like a Pro

1. Purge the Desk

Just like the name says, the purge is meant to take away all the unnecessary things lying on your desk. Be merciless: if you don’t use it constantly, throw it away or store it somewhere else. At the end of the purge, your office should be completely clutter-free.

2. Have a Catch-It Space

The goal of a catch-it space is to store the junk that arrives to your office. Generally, there are three main categories of junk found in an office: trash, things you need (a mug, an umbrella, a jacket) and important documents. The catch-it space stores it all and should thus be placed in an obvious area (next to the door, the entrance etc.). It contains a tray for documents, a trash can and shelf or hooks.

3. Use the Two-Tray System

If you constantly find yourself caught between tens of papers and documents, then you need to learn how to organize your office better. The two-tray system relies on a simple principle: old and new. The new tray will contain unopened documents, contracts, and files. Meanwhile, the old one will store the ones you already opened, but still need to deal with them.

4. Divide It into Two Zones

Most likely, you need to do several types of work at your desk. One area should be dedicated to computer work, so it is occupied by the laptop or the desktop. The other area represents the non-computer work. Here there shouldn’t be any cords, monitors or chargers. You should have enough space to use the iPad, sign, scan or stamp documents etc.

5. Keep Physical Objects in the Drawer

Yes, we know it’s nice to keep all your three mugs on the desk. And that toy you received. Plus the stapler. And the paper. However, this is exactly what leads to clutter. Place all the office supplies in the drawer, neatly organized. In this way, you will know exactly where they are, without cluttering the desk even more.

6. Use a Bigger Trash Can

Most offices use a small trash can. However, this may discourage you from taking it out or from throwing stuff. Lots of papers stay around because the employees don’t know what to do with them. A bigger trash can encourages you to throw away what you don’t need. Moreover, you won’t have to go and empty it so often.


The tips and tricks above are simple ways of decluttering your office. A clean desk means you pay more attention to your work and thus you become more productive. Remember to hide as many physical objects as you can and to set a place for all the incoming documents and things.

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Author: Amanda Knowles