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3 Professionals Teach You How to Organize Your Life

how to organize your life

We’re quite sure that there is one question you have all asked yourselves at least once. How did successful people make it all the way to the top? How surprised would you be if we told you that the answer is, in fact, a lot simpler than you ever even knew? Would you freak out if we said the key to success is, hold on to your hats, being organized? Then don’t believe us. Here are three professionals ready to teach you how to organize your life.

1. How to Optimize Your Daily Schedule to Ensure Maximum Productivity | Sujan Patel

Allow us to begin by telling you that Sujan Patel is the co-founder of Mailshake and Web Profits. In his more than 14 years of career, he managed to help hundreds of companies literally when it came to boosting their sales as well as their online traffic. Therefore, we do believe that, whatever piece of advice Mr. Patel has to dish out, we will take it and live by it.

In this article written by himself, he graciously offers us six ways in which we can increase our productivity throughout the day. He recounts practices such as taking brakes, clumping your tasking together in batches, and several other clever tricks. You can find more exciting things from Sujan Patel on his LinkedIn.

2. 25 Best Habits to Have in Life | R.L. Adams

The fantastic R.L. Adams is the founder of the wondrous WonderlustWorker.com. Oh, but he’s so much more than that. That is why we decided to include this piece in our article about ideas on how to organize your life. Adams is also a blogger, and author, an entrepreneur, and a software engineer, all into one!

25 Best Habits to Have in Life talks about waking up early, smiling, showing gratitude, eating a healthy breakfast, setting your daily goal, and inspiring yourself wherever and whenever you can. We’ll let you enjoy the pleasure of discovering the rest. No spoilers here!

After you finished, we’re sure you will want to see more of this wonderful guy’s work. Therefore, you can find him on his LinkedIn account and his Twitter.

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3. 10 Quick Tips for Getting Organized | Leslie Jacobs

If you ever wanted to meet a fascinating person who really a wanted to do something with their lives and make a difference, Leslie Jacobs is the one. She is the founder and proud owner of ‘Les Is More,’ pun intended. It is an organizing business with its roots in New Britain, Connecticut.

However, even though you might not actually get to meet Leslie herself, we do believe we have the next best thing. It comes in the form of an article she wrote, called 10 Quick Tips for Getting Organized. She talks about getting rid of office supplies you haven’t used at all in the past year, only using one agenda, essentially purging your desk. There are also many other things which you will be in delight to discover.

Learn everything you need to know from these three professionals who teach you how to organize your life in just a few easy steps. Read their articles, follow their advice and let us know in the comment section below which of them has worked for you.

Author: Amanda Knowles