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How to Negotiate Salary Like a Pro

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One thing Western society has learned to never contest is the set price. Once a value label is attached to something, there’s no protesting or negotiating. How to negotiate salary like a pro, though?

This attitude of fear, shame or simple ‘playing by the rules’ is so ingrained in the Western mentality that we stick by when it comes to more important things as well, like our jobs and livelihood.

Negotiating just isn’t a skill most of us were taught, specialized in or even thought possible.

The floating market outside Bangkok should be a training base for all future salary negotiators. How else to polish your haggling skills than to face the toughest, most business-minded, Gordon Gekko-styled Thai vendors and get the bamboo hat of your choice at a quarter the initial price?

We still think the trip is good value for money, but if you want a lesson that involves less time/ money expenditure, you’ve come to the right place. Here is some insightful and actionable information on how to negotiate your salary like a pro with a bamboo hat.

How to Negotiate Your Way Up the Salary Ladder

Don’t Start off an Interview with Money-Talk

First and most important rule, allow your future employer to decide whether you’re the right person for the job. Don’t rush in raising the salary issue.

Let the Employer Call the Number

The first opportunity to arise and for you to make your move is right at the beginning. More than once, you must have dealt with companies that let you take the heat of naming your worth.

Resist the temptation and let the employer be the first to name a number. He will probably insist that you take the first step, but you can always resort to diplomatic evasions and not fall into that trap.

Take a Deep Breath and Be Brave

The biggest mistake you can do is come up with different excuses why you shouldn’t negotiate for a better salary.

‘The economy is not strong now’, ‘My employer is having a hard time at home’, or ‘I’d rather not put myself under scrutiny with this raise’. We’ve heard them all.

Put yourself above anyone else. Shed any fears of rejection or preconceived idea you might have about the process of negotiating.

If you’re successful, you’ll find an increase in salary brings new motivation to an old job. This newly found courage is especially important for women, who are twice as unlikely as men to negotiate their payroll.

Be Silent

Being how you’re the one to start the negotiations, you might believe you have to talk your employer into it. However, in this case, the best method is the so-called Chapman Method.

When you receive an offer, just do the ‘flinch’- a long period of silence. You can even sprinkle a bit of aloofness in the mix, and you’ll disorientate your employer enough for him to add an extra incentive to the raise. That is, unless he had read this post as well.

Retain Your Flexibility

Trade in an increase in salary to other type of compensation, like an extra week of vacation, more flexible work hours or better coffee for the espresso machine.

One Final Tip

These tips for tips for negotiating your salary should take some of the edge off your future negotiating endeavor. For more help in determining a fair wage, you can access this free salary calculator offered by The National Association of Colleges and Employers.

And remember. What you want is that bamboo hat on your head.

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Author: Amanda Knowles