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How to Negotiate a Job Offer Like a Pro

how to negotiate a job offer

If you’re new at this game, negotiation can feel a bit awkward. However, the results are worth it, so you should at least give it a try and learn how to negotiate a job offer. It’s the best way to improve the conditions of the job you are just being offered as well as the salary they proposed. Therefore, we’ve listed a few tips you need to know when you start negotiating.

1. Wait for an Offer

Never try to ask for more money or maybe more benefits than the ones that were already listed in the job description. You may come across as too demanding or even as arrogant. Therefore, this might lose you the job. Instead, wait for them to make you an offer first. Then you can work off of that.

2. No to Demands, Yes to Questions

This is an extremely simple, yet highly effective mind trick. Don’t make demands out of your future employer. Instead, formulate them as questions. Here’s an example. Let’s say you want a higher salary. Never say ‘I want more money.’ Instead, say ‘Given the fact that I have this large and specific set of skills and so and so years of experience, I expected to see a higher salary at the beginning. What is there to be done to increase the number you showed me?’

3. Don’t Negotiate with the Wrong People

More often than not, most hiring interviews are held with people from the HR department. However, they are not always the ones with power or authority to hire employees. That might belong to certain managers. Therefore, these are the ones you should be negotiating with.

4. Silence Is Golden

After you have proposed the salary you would like as well as the expectations you have for this job, keep quiet. Stop saying anything and allow them to give you an answer. It doesn’t matter if they keep quiet as well. Negotiation is a power game. Hold your own.

5. No Emotions Allowed Here

Learning how to negotiate a job offer also means leaving all your emotions at the door when you go in. This is not a social situation where you can think with your heart. You have to be cold and calculated. Therefore, there is no room for pride, uncertainty, anxiety, fear, stress or anything else. Your goal is to get the best possible offer and, ultimately, the job itself.

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6. Don’t Forget to Smile

It might sound like a cliché and you may have heard this piece of advice hundreds of times by now. Still, never forget to smile. It shows that you’re not stressed, that you are confident, and that you feel secure in this social situation. Moreover, it means that you very much want this job and like the company. Apart from that, a smile makes you look like a pleasant and likable person. Who wouldn’t hire you?

Learning how to negotiate a job offer is not necessarily easy. Negotiation has been rightfully called an art because it requires a massive amount of skills that have to amount over time. However, when you’re going for that interview, it’s good to start small with these six tips. How do you prepare to negotiate for a job?

Author: Amanda Knowles