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4 Entrepreneurs Teach You How to Market Yourself on Social Media

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There is no sense in denying that social media has recently become an essential part of marketing. The online presence has stopped being an option long ago, turning into a necessity if you want to succeed. If you don’t believe us, have a look at the following entrepreneurs who teach you how to market yourself on social media!

Tips on How to Market Yourself on Social Media

1. Salma Jafri

Salma Jafri is the name of a great entrepreneur, dedicated to her work. She has an interesting YouTube channel where you can learn lots of useful things for your business. According to her view, it is important to work smarter, not harder, and make use of the tools you have around you. As the host of Content Marketing Tips, which is a blog and vlog dedicated to women entrepreneurs, she claims it is very important to strengthen your online presence.

2. Susan Gunelius

Having almost 20 years of marketing, copywriting, and branding experience, Susan Gunelius helps us with some useful tips for having a strong presence on social media. She is the CEO of KeySplash Creative Inc., and she believes it is important to bring quality content. According to her, you should only focus on bringing relevant and quality content to your readers, no matter how many they are. Moreover, pay attention to their feedback: what they like, what they don’t, and think of ways to improve and innovate.

3. Aaron Agius

Having worked with IBM, Unilever, LG, Ford and other successful companies, Aaron Agius knows a thing or two about social media. He is a search, content and social marketer, and thinks that you should use social influencers and social marketing campaigns. A fast strategy is to approach influencers in the field where you want to activate. You can do this by mentioning their names, tag them or email them after you’ve written something about them. Paid campaigns are not something to be afraid of either.

4. Neil Patel

Neil Patel is the name to keep in mind if you want to find out how to market yourself on social media. He is an entrepreneur and an online marketing expert and he has some pretty interesting tips there. In his view, digital marketing has changed a lot in the recent decade. People used to focus more on SEO and website content, but today a digital marketer has to coordinate lots of things. Similar to Aaron Agus, Neil Patel also believes it is important not to be afraid of paid advertising. It is an extremely useful tool if you want to make your voice heard, plus you can choose an affordable option.


If you do some research, you will see that most entrepreneurs have similar views about social media marketing. Bringing people quality content is the most important thing here. Don’t be afraid to pay for visibility, it is all for your best interest. Make sure that you are targeting the right people and that you are using influencers the right way.

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Author: Amanda Knowles