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4 Tricks on How to Market an App Successfully

how to market an app

Have you ever asked yourself how many apps are there in the App Store? In January 2017, the count amounted to 2.2 million for the App Store and 2.5 million in Google Play. Evidently, this means   that, if you have developed an app of your own and plan on marketing it, the competition is fierce. Therefore, you need a strategy to attract customers. Here are 4 tricks on how to market an app successfully.

1. Develop a Website as Well

A lot of app developers consider that having a website as well is a waste of time. This is a mistake. A website actually shows professionalism in the eyes of your customers. It will tell them that your app is legitimate and that they can trust it. Plus, you can publish a lot more info on the app itself, feedback from other users, instructions on how to use it, and lot more.

2. Be Active on Social Media

Along with your website, you also need to set up Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts for your app. They will help you connect directly with your targeted audience. There are two ways in which you can do that – organic and paid. Evidently, if you can do it organically, it’s better. Try to post on all social venues, but don’t spam. Make sure your content is relevant and interesting, taking into account what your targeted audience would like to see.

Your other option is the paid way. In 2016, CTRs or click-through rates for mobile apps went up 32 percent.

3. Get the Press to Talk About It

This is one of the surest tricks on how to market an app. If you know that your product is good and satisfies a need, then you can try to gather a bit of press around it. They will do the marketing job for you, creating some buzz, as well as adding credibility to your app. You can host a press release or even a launch party. Invite your local media as well as the tech industry to witness the happy event.

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4. Get Celebrities on Your Side

Celebrity endorsement is a huge thing. If a famous person is seen eating, drinking, wearing or even holding something, then sales will skyrocket for that product in particular. You can cash in on that idea yourself. Evidently, you will never get the likes of Beyonce to talk about your app. What you need to do is find an online influencer, such as someone famous in your industry, a vlogger with many followers, a famous Instagrammer and so on. Ask him or her to talk about your app.

Here’s a tip, though – make sure that whomever you choose is in line with your brand and field. If not, this celebrity endorsement idea won’t work.

Here are the four tips and tricks on how to market an app successfully we promised. Start with these and then work your way up. However, you don’t have to worry. If you had a smashing idea, then people will take a liking to your app before you can say ‘swipe.’

Author: Amanda Knowles