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How to Make Yourself Smarter: 6 Methods

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In a world where technology becomes smarter by the day, people have started to look for ways to become smarter themselves. And that’s no wonder, considering the fast rhythm of today, the tight deadlines, and the stress. For this reason, today we are going to present you a couple of methods if you’re wondering how to make yourself smarter.

How to Make Yourself Smarter in A Few Easy Steps

1. Do Chores with Your “Wrong” Hand

Completing difficult activities is stimulating your brain. Try doing your regular chores with the other hand than the one you use every day. For example, brush your teeth with your left hand if you’re right-handed. This will make the brain be more active and struggle more, and in time you will become smarter.

2. Learn to Play an Instrument

Even if you don’t want to make a career out of this, it’s a personal challenge to learn to play a new instrument. There is a strong connection between the evolution of function skills and learning to play a musical instrument. Moreover, it has been scientifically proven, so you can take this seriously. It doesn’t matter what instrument you choose specifically, but make sure it’s one where you have easy access at.

3. Take Dance Classes

Another great solution to how to make yourself smarter is to take dance classes. Besides the physical component, which stimulates the blood flow and strengthens your muscles, dancing requires fast decision-making skills, which lead to you being better with decision making strategies.

4. Write 7-Words Stories

If you’re able to restrain a narrative to only 7-words, this means that your brain is active and alert. Trying to narrow down the words will make your brain go through plenty of knowledge, as well as make the effort of selecting them.

5. Use Acronyms for Memorizing

This is an old technique that can be used when you want to know how to make yourself smarter as well. Acronyms create a word that helps you remember more information. This translates to the fact that the brain encodes and then recalls the information in a short period of time. For instance, look at ASAP (as soon as possible), NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), etc.

6. Exercise Daily

A common misconception is the fact that the brain and the physical bodies are separate things. Although it can be true to some extent, exercising can do wonders for both. Increasing the blood flow to the brain can stimulate the hippocampus. The latter is the part responsible for memory and learning skills. Try doing 30 minutes of aerobics 5 times a week and you will see the results.


Even though smart people are naturally born this way, this doesn’t mean you can’t learn how to make yourself smarter. The methods above are not complicated and some of them even require little time. Regardless of the way you choose, it’s important to keep your mind active and alert, so that you can enjoy maximum results in the future.

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Author: Amanda Knowles