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How to Make Your Product Unique: 4 Ways

how to make your product unique

There are many ways to present your product to the market. And when you’re working on a brand-new product it is understandable that you want to present it in the most unique way possible. But you don’t always present new products. Rather you make your product unique. Stand out from the crowd. If you’re short of ideas, here are 4 ways on how to make your product unique.

4 Ways for Making your Product Unique

Method no. 1

Try combining different products as to offer a pack or a kit that costs a bit less than the individual products altogether. Think of it this way: clients will most definitely be enticed to find a “survival kit” that addresses multiple of their needs at once rather than look for each of the products on their own. Sometimes, clients need help, and this can very well help them, which then helps you.

Method no. 2

Research marketing strategies from other companies. Your company is a competitor for another company. So, normally, in order to learn how to make your product unique, you must find out how other companies make their products shine. This implies two factors: research through modern-era tools (big data analysis tools) and creativity. Turn a disadvantage into an advantage by figuring out why is a competitor’s product selling better than yours – even though these two products are basically the same. You will be surprised by your findings.

Method no. 3

Remember to stay human. And then put yourself in your customer’s shoes. One example would be this: your product is good, useful and it sells. But still not as your charts would suggest it sells to meet your financial means. In order to increase sales, try thinking like a customer. Maybe the package is not enticing enough.

In other words: stage experiences: when customers come into your (e-)store, they look for an experience. Offering them that one of a kind experience will kill two birds with one stone: your conversion rate will increase, and customers will turn from occasional ones to recurring ones. One other way of putting this is to use the goods as props, and the location of your business (restaurant, coffeehouse etc.) as the stage for a particular experience.

Method no. 4

Offering customers the occasion to test your product is another method regarding the how to make your product unique question. It doesn’t matter – at this point – if it’s a 20-30 money-back guarantee or if it’s a simple test drive. This combines both the experience staging from tip no. 3 with the using of a specific product or service. Not all companies are willing to offer a guarantee or a teaser of what their product does. So, if you didn’t think of a guarantee as an answer to the “how to make your product unique”-question, you can thank us later.

Most clients are reluctant at first to buy a product because they’ve seen the same capabilities embodied in many other packages or components. “I already have a hair dryer, why would I need a new one?” So: thanks to the news features of your hair dryer model, the customer will surely buy it based on his/ her experience. How to make your product unique? Following these simple tips.

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Author: Amanda Knowles