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How to Make Employees Happy: 6 Tricks

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We all know the simple trick to make employees happy: give them a raise. However, you can’t do that every time you want to motivate them. Meanwhile, studies have shown that people who are unhappy at work get ill faster. So how to make employees happy without spending money?

How to Make Employees Happy 101

1. Give Them More Vacation Time

In the possibility in which you can go a day without some employees, it’s a good idea to give them some extra vacation time. They will appreciate it a lot. You can also use this solution whenever you notice that they are too stressed out. This is good not only for their mood but also for your business since a well-rested man is going to be more productive.

2. Encourage Communication

Whether it is between the employees or between you and them, communication is extremely important. If you’re wondering how to make employees happy, you may find it out right from them. Create an open environment that invites them to express their opinions and to say what really bothers them. As such, you will know about the things that are not working properly.

3. Allow Them to Work Remotely

Thanks to the era we live in, it’s easier than ever to work from home. With Skype and Slack, you can keep in touch all the time with the employee. Allowing them to work remotely one day a week or whenever they request it might make them happier. They will feel that they have more freedom and that they can make decisions on their own at work.

4. Offer Them Opportunities

The desire to evolve is natural. As such, nobody likes doing the same thing years in a row, with no perspectives to advance. For this reason, one easy answer to how to make employees happy is to offer them other opportunities. They have to feel that they can evolve professionally and that their work is appreciated. Show them what they can achieve and how long could it take.

5. Encourage Them to Take Breaks

Everybody is aware of the fact that nobody can be fully productive for 8, 10 or 12 hours straight. Encourage your employees to take breaks and refresh themselves as often as they can. This will help them have a clear mind and be less tired at the end of the day. Moreover, you will see an increase in the overall productivity. Once the stress levels are down, you will see your employees happier.

6. Show Them the Big Picture

Don’t just let your employees work mechanically. Explain to them why you need them to do one thing or another and what’s their role. An employee who understands the bigger picture will be happier and thus, more motivated at work.


The answer to ‘how to make employees happy?’ is actually a very simple one. Of course, a raise can be a fast solution, but if you can’t afford that, there are other solutions as well. Give them a day off, let them work from home and communicate with them. Make them feel wanted and respected and you’ll get the best results.

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Author: Amanda Knowles