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How to Make a Good Impression at Work

how to make a good impression

The main thing you should strive for when you’re at work is to be noticed. However, you should always be noticed solely for the right things. If you manage to produce a good impression on the people you work with, it will mean more responsibility and a promotion from your boss and your colleagues loving to work with you. So, do you know how to make a good impression at work? Here are a few tips.

1. Always Keep the Etiquette in Mind

For those out there who don’t know, office etiquette means keeping your phone on vibrate and close at hand, having impeccable table manners, or writing polite, business-appropriate emails to everyone in the organization. There’s nothing more heinous than a coworker whose phone rings every ten minutes with the Batman tune as a ringtone on high. Or one who heats fish in the office microwave and speaks with his mouth full.

2. If You’re Sick, Stay at Home

Another aspect of the working life that people simply hate is a coworker who does not understand he has to stay at home when he or she is sick. Yes, this includes the common cold and pinkeye as well. The germs spread around the office faster than wildfire and soon you will be the hated source of contagion.

3. Understand that There Are Topics to Avoid

No matter how friendly you might feel you are getting with your coworkers, there are always topics that need to be avoided. Issues such as religion and politics crown this list. However, no one likes it when you talk about your health problems on a daily basis either. In fact, try to avoid sharing intimate details about your life altogether. Your life partner’s rash is not to be discussed at the workplace. This is how to make a good impression and work.

4. No Photos

This is not a hard limit, of course. People love to share photos and picture time is a beloved pass time activity. However, you need to understand that there is a time and a place for everything. Moreover, there’s a limit. Do not show an endless stream of pics of your toddler, pet, cooking or latest arts and crafts project on your phone, especially when no one has asked to see it. If you must do it, one picture is more than sufficient.

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5. Dress in an Appropriate Fashion

Every workplace has a designated style of clothing. From the more rigorous style of working in a bank to always having to wear a hard hat on a construction site to dressing casually but in good taste in an office. A good idea is to dress comfortably and never wear sheer or revealing clothes if you’re a woman. If you’re a man, stay away from T-shirts with inappropriate messages and very short shorts.

Knowing how to make a good impression at work is crucial. Most people do the things described above without even knowing just how peeving they are. Therefore, unconsciously, they become the one person the entire office avoids, and they don’t even know the reason. Don’t be that person.

Author: Amanda Knowles