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How to Look for a Job Online: 5 Tips

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In the recent years, looking for a job online has become the main thing to do when you’re unemployed. However, it’s not as easy as it seems. For someone who is not familiar with the way things work online, it can be even more difficult than in real life. Today we are going to learn how to look for a job online.

How to Look for a Job Online – Tips and Tricks

1. Be Focused

Look for a certain job or for employers you would like to work with. Focus on applying for those jobs especially. Your application needs to be focused as well. Be clear when explaining who you are, what is your experience and why should they hire you. Just imagine how many resumes and applications they get every day. Now think about what makes your resume stand out.

2. Check Your Qualifications

Even if you happen to stumble upon a job you really want, it will be useful to apply for it if you don’t have the necessary qualifications. In fact, less than 20% of the jobs are receiving applications that are relevant for them. You might think applying for all the jobs you can find is a good idea, but is it really so?

3. Build Your Online Presence

Nowadays, your online presence is essential. Most recruiters will look up your online profiles before calling you to an interview. Because of this, when you decide on how to look for a job online, you shouldn’t omit to create good profiles of yourself. Include relevant information there, good pictures of yourself and be professional. You can share other things privately, only for your friends to see, but keep an official public profile.

4. Don’t Lie

Nowadays you can find everything online. This is a serious reason not to lie in your resume if you needed to be convinced of that. A possible employer can find the phone number of your previous employers and inquire about you. They can check records of famous colleges and schools. For this, you shouldn’t include fake information.

5. Sign Up for RSS Feeds and Job Alerts

Though this final tip on how to look for a job online might be more challenging for people who are not that tech savvy, it’s very useful. Register on job boards online and choose to receive an alert about new job postings. You can select the criteria for the job yourself, such as the location, the requirements, etc. If you’re not comfortable with getting so many alerts, you can choose to get only one notification per day or per week.


It’s not hard to learn how to look for a job online. Many employers have their own websites, you can use your email address to send them resumes or look for job platforms. The tips above can help you cut down time when getting a new job. As such, remember to be honest in the resume and to apply only to jobs that are relevant to you. Of course, it’s useful to know how to get a job with social media as well.

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Author: Amanda Knowles