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How to Handle Irate Customers on Online Channels: 5 Tips

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If you have to respond to customers on a daily basis, then you already know how it feels to have an irate customers behaving rudely towards you even if you’re only trying to help him or her. Unfortunately, this happens more often than it should. As a consequence, it might be pretty hard to keep your cool in every situation and avoid snapping at the client yourself. However, behaving the same way as the customer does is never a good idea and won’t help you in any way. Instead, here are 5 tips that will teach you how to handle irate customers online.

5 Tips on How to Handle Irate Customers Online

1. Stop Trying to Blame the Issue on Someone

Whether it is your fault or the customer’s fault, it makes no sense to waste time trying to blame each other. That way, you will get nothing done. It might be tempting to prove that you are not actually at fault, but this shouldn’t be your priority. Your priority should be to solve the problem at hand and move on to the next customer.

2. Try to Get the Customer on the Phone

Usually, when you have to deal with angry customers online, they tend to feel more confident and eager to insult you and act irrationally. Most of them would not say the same thing to you if you were to talk on the phone. That is why sometimes it is better to call the customer personally. Try to sort things out in a more efficient way than you would do online.

3. Be Extremely Kind

This is a technique that doesn’t always work, but it can have amazing results when you have to handle an irate customer. Even if he or she is insulting you or claiming you are incompetent, go out of your way to satisfy them and understand their anger. Ignoring them is never a good idea, since this will make them even angrier. However, if they see you are extremely kind and ready to help them, they might tone down the anger.

4. Don’t Take a Long Time to Respond

This is especially true if you have to answer comments on social media platforms. If someone comments something negative about your services, you should reply as fast as you possibly can. Because if you don’t, other people will weigh in and you know how most confrontational discussion end up unfolding online. If you don’t want the situation to get out of hand, address the issue as soon as possible.

5. Be the Bigger Person

We know, it is tempting to start arguing with a customer when he or she keeps insulting you and doesn’t even allow you to talk so that you can solve the problem they’re so angry about. However, since you represent your company, you should never lose your cool. The image of said company depends a lot on how you treat clients. If you simply can’t calm down a customer, calmly explain them that you can’t help them if they don’t tell you about the issue in a civilized manner. Moreover, warn them that you will have to leave the conversation if they keep insulting you.

It can be hard sometimes to understand how to handle irate customers without hurting your company’s image or losing your cool. We hope these 5 tips will help!

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Author: Amanda Knowles