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How to Handle Anxiety about Your Career: 4 Tips

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Do you constantly feel stressed at work and you can’t even relax once you’re home because you’re already thinking about the next day? Are you unsure of how you want your career to advance and this is putting a strain on your actual job performance? We’ve all been there. Work-related anxiety happens to the best of us, and it can affect both our personal and professional life. If you are one of the people struggling with this, take a look at these tips on how to handle anxiety about your career.

4 Tips on How to Handle Anxiety Related to Your Job

1. Exercise Before and After Work

Exercising can work wonders for your anxiety, and this applies to job-related anxiety as well. If you feel like you don’t know where you’re going and this suffocates you with panic, put that anxiety into exercising. If you do it in the morning, it will provide you with a fresh start of the day. That is because it will put some much needed serotonin in our body. When you do it after work, it will help you eliminate the stress you’ve accumulated and get a good night’s sleep.

2. Find Something to Do After Work

We know that after a stressful day at work you might be tempted to go home and just lay in bed until you fall asleep. However, consider that if you do that, you are not allowing yourself any time to breathe outside of work. Work becomes your main and only concern, and this is not healthy in the long run. What you can do instead is go out with friends. Or go to your favorite bookstore and read for a while. Anything that gives you pleasure will do.

3. Don’t Try to Do Everything at Once

Some people tend to take their career-related anxiety and push themselves even harder in hopes that they will forget about their issues. They try to be the ones who do everything by themselves, who always spend long hours at the office, and who never say no when someone asks them for help. In order to overcome your anxiety, you should learn to prioritize. Are all of the tasks you’re trying to tackle urgent? If not, devise a schedule and take them one step at a time. Similarly, don’t be the one to help everybody, unless you really have the time for it.

4. Use Humor

It might be really difficult to find something to laugh about when you feel anxious, but humor is a great way to destress and find the motivation you need to keep going. We’re not talking here about playing pranks on your colleagues or become the office clown. In fact, no one has to know about your technique, which will make it even more effective. Why is that, you ask? Well, because you will feel like it’s your little secret and no one can take that away from you. For instance, you could try wearing a funny shirt under your suit, or make your screensaver something related to an inside joke that you have with yourself.

Stressing about your career is the enemy of productivity and motivation. Try to overcome this issue by following our tips on how to handle anxiety about your job.

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Author: Amanda Knowles