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How to Handle Anger without Becoming Worn Down by It

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Anger is an emotion that we all experience at different times in our life. While for some people, this doesn’t seem to be a problem, others have a hard time dealing with it. Do you find yourself getting angry more than you’d wish? Do you feel like anger could potentially damage your relationships with the people close to you, and you want to do something about it? Then you’re going to like the topic of today’s guide. We’re going to talk about different techniques, tips and tricks that can teach you how to handle anger and not let it affect your life.

How to Handle Anger: Tips and Tricks

#Take a Moment to Calm Down

It’s no secret that people tend to say things they’ll eventually regret when they’re angry. The temptation to react on the spot when you get angry can be extremely strong. Not many people manage to keep their thoughts and emotions in check when faced with a situation that angers them. It does indeed take some time to cultivate this type of behavior. Still, it’s ultimately the best thing you can do to avoid the damaging effects of anger. Whenever you get angry, try to take a moment and extract yourself from the situation that has made you feel this way. It doesn’t have to be for long, 5 minutes are enough to make you reconsider your reactions.

#Be Assertive, not Confrontational

The fact that you shouldn’t express your anger the moment it hits you doesn’t mean that you should bottle it up. In fact, it’s advisable to express yourself and acknowledge what you’re feeling. The trick is to do it in a way that is not destructive, but constructive. For instance, let’s say you had a fight with someone and you feel extremely angry. After you take a step back from the situation and allow yourself to calm down, you should talk to the other person about what happened in a calm yet assertive way. Make sure they understand what made you angry, but don’t start a fight or put the blame entirely on them.

#Try to Use Humor

While it’s not always easy to be funny when you’re feeling angry, humor is one of the most effective weapons against anger and discontentment. Whenever you find yourself in a tense argument with someone, you can try lightening up a bit. Tell a joke or point out how ridiculous the whole situation is. Before you do that, make sure the setting is appropriate. For instance, while a friend might appreciate a joke, your superior might think it’s out of place. As long as you know the other person would enjoy your attempt to diffuse the situation, you should definitely give humor a chance. Just remember not to sound sarcastic in any way, because that might make matters even worse.

While you can’t entirely get rid of it, you can learn how to handle anger and avoid it taking a toll on your life. The next time you find yourself getting angry, remember the tips and tricks above. Furthermore, check out these calming yoga poses that can help you relax.

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Author: Amanda Knowles