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How to Get Rid of Negative Energy: 3 Tricks

how to get rid of negative energy

Knowing how to get rid of negative energy is one of the most critical pieces of knowledge you have to own. You can never see bad energy, but you can unmistakably feel it. Some people even attest that it makes them physically ill, while others tend to stay away from people who bring too much of it into their lives and homes. Therefore, when that happens, how do we cleanse our houses from all that bad energy? Here are a few tips and tricks.

1. A Very Thorough Cleaning

Believe it or not, cleaning does help with negative energy as well. Some people believe that dust, dirt, laundry, toxic products, and unwashed dishes actually attract bad energy. In other words, they make you feel bad by just looking at them. Therefore, you know what the solution is.

Clean your house or a regular basis. Take out the trash as often as you can. Do the laundry on a daily basis if you have to. Never leave dirty dishes in the sink. And, most importantly, never go to sleep if the house is messy.

2. Smudging

Smudging might be one of the oldest and most traditional ways on our list of how to get rid of negative energy ideas. It’s a technique that comes from the Native Americans. The most common herb used in the process is sage. You can buy it at your local market or even order it online if that’s more convenient for you. As per the rest, all you have to do is tie the sprigs in a bunch and light them up. Look for some tutorials on YouTube.

The process is fairly simple. Remember to use a fireproof container and to keep all windows and doors open at all times during this process. You will also have to say a lot of positive affirmations while you are doing it, so you might want to think ahead. In the end, you have to find a place outside where you can take the sage and let it completely burn out.

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3. Clapping

Here’s the theory behind this idea. Loud and clear sounds will break away negative energy that hangs in the air and disperses it. It is considered that Moher Nature does it herself when she releases thunders into the air. However, seeing as you cannot actually conjure thunder in your living room, you will need a smaller scale noise to break away the negativity.

This is where clapping comes in. All you need to do is slowly walk around your home and clap. Do it loudly, lightly, and crisply. The places you need to focus on are on shelves and mostly under the stairs because that’s where negativity tends to dwell most.

Apart from clapping itself, you can also use a bell if you have one, some drums, chimes or even Tibetan drums. Keep in mind those might upset your neighbors, though.

Here are three of the most interesting and easiest way on how to get rid of negative energy at home. They require very little time, energy, and money on your part, but the results are tremendous. Let us know in the comment section below which one of these has worked for you.

Author: Amanda Knowles