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How to Get Followers on Pinterest: 6 Easy Tactics

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Social media is nowadays an essential engine for business. Whether you work in a company or you’re on your own, Pinterest is one of the most popular platforms to let people know about you. Today we will have a look some easy tactics on how to get followers on Pinterest.

How to Get Followers on Pinterest Without Too Much Effort

1. Add a Button for Pinterest Follow

In general, people are lazy. They don’t want to make more effort than it’s necessary to. For this reason, adding a special button for them to follow you on Pinterest will make it easier for them. Choose a prominent place for the button: the sidebar, the header or footer etc. As such, it will be easy for them to find it and to click on it.

2. Add a Profile Widget

Just like the Pinterest button, the widget takes your visitors straight to the Pinterest page. However, it might turn out to be more efficient, since it also shows the most recent 30 pins. This might make them curious to see more and thus you can get more followers with a minimum effort.

3. Share, Share, Share

You’ve probably heard this before, but you need to share a lot. When thinking of how to get more followers on Pinterest, just imagine what they would want to see. What do you want to see from the people you follow? Be active both on the website and on Pinterest. Don’t forget about other social media platforms either, they can also bring you followers.

4. Comment on Other Pins

Here, the Popular section on Pinterest will be particularly useful. There you will find pins that were liked, commented and re-pinned. If you comment there, your page will have a bigger visibility and thus, attract more visitors. However, don’t spam other posts. Make sure you comment something relevant and useful. Pay attention to how much you comment, though. Pinterest will consider it spam and suspend your account if you exaggerate with it.

5. Mention Other People

Another tip on how to get followers on Pinterest is to mention other users. If they have lots of followers, this will be good for you. Compliment them on a pin or on some relevant content they have. If you’re lucky, they will feel grateful and will return the favor as soon as possible.

6. Connect All Your Social Networks

Usually, users love to follow you on various social networks at once. Connect Facebook and Twitter, for example, to your Pinterest account. In this way, people who know you only from Facebook, for example, will discover you on Pinterest as well. Then, you can tweet or share your pins, so that more and more people can find out about them.


Though it may seem like a hard job, it’s not that complicated to learn how to get followers on Pinterest. Try to use other social media accounts, post often and think of relevant content. Remember to engage other users in your posts by commenting or mentioning them and you’re set.

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Author: Amanda Knowles