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How to Get an Internship at a Prestigious Company

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If you’re fresh out of the college, or if you’re thinking of applying for an internship, then listen up. This article is specially written for you about how to get an internship. It doesn’t matter if your interests are pharmaceuticals, finance, robotics, medicine or book editing. All you need to do is follow these steps and you’ll surely land that internship. So: how to get an internship?

Resume Checking

Before preparing your interview speech, before even thinking of what clothes to wear, you need to make sure that your resume is up to date. In how to get an internship it is quintessential to double- and triple-check that your resume is filled with accurate information. This means that you must not give erroneous information: such as saying that you’ve worked as something, when, actually, you were working as something else.

See cash management instead of cash register at McDonald’s. These two are different positions. If you’ve worked with the register, not in cash management, then make sure that this is what it states. Then, spellchecking the resume. Full name, address, you know it. Everything must be spotless in and on your resume.

Letter of Recommendation/ Reference

Next comes the letter of recommendation or the letter of reference. These two are different and address two different communicational situations. So, if we’re going to discuss how to get an internship, write a letter of recommendation. In it, you must say your motif(s), your skills, abilities regarding a particular situation or ability that can be used in a specific department.

Again, don’t boast about anything that you don’t know very well to do. Make sure that you’re on point, sincere, and not bragging.

Application Timing

Now: your resume is neatly written & edited, your letter of recommendation is to point and objective, with a very subtle personal touch. What next? Well, if we’re going to discuss how to get an internship, you must know as a general rule that you must know the deadline of application submitting. Some companies might have a lengthy submitting process.

So prepare in due time: find out when the deadline is, complete the application form and make sure that there aren’t any other documents that need to be sent. For example diplomas of certification etc.

Interview Rehearsal

You’ve submitted the application form, and you’re going to attend an interview with someone from the top levels of the respective company: CEO or general manager, or a Senior HR Manager. Now: make sure that you know all that there is to know about the company, what the internship position is about, these are questions that are generally asked: why this position, why this company. Also, make sure that you’re up straight when it comes to your questions.

If you have any, and if you are asked if you any questions, don’t be shy. Fire away. They’ll see that you are really interested in their company and available position.

Now: follow all these steps regarding the how to get an internship question. And remember to start with self-assessment. Then the steps above. And you’ll get that internship without any problems, you’ll see. You can come back and let us know how it went. We’re eager to find out!

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Author: Amanda Knowles