How to Get a Job Using Social Media

How to Get a Job Using Social Media

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Statistics released by the Society for Human Resource Management in 2015 showed that 57 percent of all companies hired people from LinkedIn, 19 percent of them hired directly from Facebook, and 65 percent used some other forms of social media to acquire employees. What does that show us? How to get a job using social media, of course. In that spirit, here are a few must-follow tips.

1. Create and Complete All Social Media Accounts

Here’s an easy and pleasant job for you. How awesome would it be to have to keep up with your social accounts on a daily basis and, after a while, to get a job out of it? Post relevant information on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and update your LinkedIn profile.

Don’t forget to add posts from your private life as well as your professional one. Show your prospective employers that you are a sociable person, who enjoys the company of others, and has interesting hobbies. However, remember to keep it clean.

2. Write a Blog to Get Exposure

If you are interested in a job or career as a writer, copywriter, ghostwriter, journalist, and so on, the easiest way to win in the how to get a job game via social media is to have your personal blog. Possible employers will see it and make a judgment call on how good and consistent a writer you are without you even applying, possibly.

Do you remember the Julie & Julia story? Julie was a simple writer from New York, who decided to cook her way through Julia Child’s book and keep a blog about it. She is now famous all over the world and has a movie made after her story.

3. Post on Facebook: Looking for a Job

If you don’t mind the world knowing you are currently looking for your next employment place, you can openly announce it on Facebook. Letting your friends, family, and acquaintances know what you want is a fantastic strategy. Why? Because it’s like planting a seed and letting it grown on its own. You could wake up one morning with a message in your inbox from someone saying they recommended you for a job.

4. Keywords Are Key

One thing you may not know about how Google works for companies which are looking for people to hire via social media is that they use particular keywords in their search. These automated searches look for keywords in resumes. So, how to get a job taking advantage of this little secret? Comb through as many job descriptions as you can, look for keywords and make sure they match exactly the skills you have on your resume.

Blog it, post it on Facebook, Tweet it, Instagram it! Being present on social media turns the pressure of how to get a job into a real pleasure.

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Author: Amanda Knowles