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How to Get a Job at Apple According to Tim Cook

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Getting a job at Apple seems to be what everybody is wishing for these days. However, are things as easy as we’d want them to be? To find out, we’ll have a look at some of Tim Cook’s statements on getting hired at the tech giant. Even though the company has “more secrets than the CIA”, as he himself jokes about it, let’s see how to get a job at Apple.

How to Get a Job at Apple

1. Be Passionate and Have an Ideal

As the CEO himself declared, the entire team at Apple is looking for a person who is idealistic and passionate about what they’re doing. It may sound a little too dramatic, but Tim Cook said that they want to hire somebody who wants to change the world. However, if you think about it, it makes sense. The company itself revolutionized the entire industry and even the world. No wonder it’s not easy to know how to get a job at Apple.

2. Do Things Differently

An important quality you must have if you want to join the Apple team is to do everything differently and have a fresh perspective. In fact, the entire interview is completely different: the company takes 10-12 people and makes them analyze the candidates from various points of view.

Naturally, nobody will be liked by all 12 people, but that’s not the point. The most important thing here is that the decision of hiring someone or not isn’t left in the hands of only one person. What you should keep in mind from here is the fact that disagreement leads to change and evolution.

3. Stand for Your Ideas

Okay, let’s assume you got through the first steps on how to get a job at Apple. What now? Well, Tim Cook says that another thing they’re looking for in an employee is to be able to stand for their ideas. He declared that they want in their team “wicked smart people who have a point of view”. But more than merely having a point of view, you need to debate it and to want to change things. This can only lead to some more great changes both inside the company and in the entire industry.

4. Don’t Work Just for Work

If you look at Cook’s statements in time, you will see that they’re not looking for a mere employee. Instead, they want somebody who can change things and lead their company further. They want a person with vision, not somebody who just wants to get it over with every work day. If it sounds intimidating, that’s probably because it is. Once again we see why the competition is so tight over there.


If you want to know how to get a job at Apple, you might be disappointed. It’s not about your experience or what you can do, but about you as a person. Compare your own perspective to the one we summarized above and see if you match this profile. If you do, then you probably have chances to get a job at one of the best companies in the world.

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Author: Amanda Knowles