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7 Tips on How to Gain Self Confidence

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Not everybody is born with a healthy dose of self confidence. And there’s nothing wrong about it, but it does help. Especially in business, this may help a lot with your interactions or your success. Indeed, it’s not an easy task to learn how to believe in yourself. But knowing how to gain self confidence is a reward on the long run. Here you have some useful tips to help you with this!

Brief Guide on Self Confidence

1. Exercise

It may seem weird, but exercising can do wonders. There are plenty of confidence building exercises that boost your mood. And we don’t mean only physical exercises, but also the simple act of telling yourself positive things.

2. Take Care of Yourself

Many people think this is obvious, but it’s not that easy to take care of yourself. Taking a long bath, shaving or simply using a body cream in your favorite flavor are simple actions. However, they will make you feel good in your own skin. And the effort is minimal.

3. Choose Nice Clothes

An important part of your quest on finding how to gain self confidence are clothes. Not everybody has the same opinion about what nice means, though. However, choose what style you like and add something extra. An extra accessory can make you look better and so do the right clothes.

4. Use Autosuggestion

Instead of telling yourself constant negative things, try to change them to positive ones. Don’t say “This day is so ugly and gloomy”. Tell yourself “it’s a great day to wear my favorite raincoat”. It may not seem like much, but words have a great effect on us. For this reason, it’s essential to use them in the right manner.

5. Know Yourself

Would you trust someone you don’t know? The same principle goes with self confidence as well. Get to know yourself and answer some simple questions. Who you are? What do you like? What/who do you tolerate/like and why? Note that you should also think about your limitations. Knowing your boundaries is a great step forward in this quest.

6. Be Kind

More often than not, we tend to be tired and stressed out, thus rejecting other people. Whenever you get a negative impulse, control it and yourself and be kind. Don’t yell at the others, try to talk gently, in a calm manner. Even if you are annoyed, focus on yourself and act in a good way. This will influence your overall opinion on yourself and will bring only good vibes to your life.

7. Speak Slowly

It is a simple thing, but it can go a long way. A person who is confident in themselves will speak slowly. People perceive that as a sign of authority, thus it helps you be more confident. Speaking fast usually means that you think you’re not worthy of other people’s time. Practice speaking slowly in front of a mirror as often as you can.


Many people want a quick answer to how to gain self confidence. This things isn’t always possible, since it requires a huge amount of effort. However, with enough determination, you can manage to improve your self esteem.

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Author: Amanda Knowles