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Learn How to Deal with Insecurity and Make It Your Strong Point

how to deal with insecurity

What you are feeling is normal. Every young entrepreneur goes through this when he or she first starts off with his business. They are insecure in one way or another because they try to present the business itself a considerable success when, in fact, it’s just a mere mom and pop barely taking off the ground. But is this parade truly necessary? Maybe not. Learn how to deal with insecurity from specialists and get to the parade’s end, as the book says.

1. Enjoy the Small Things | Dana Brownlee

This piece of advice wants you to realize two things. That smaller is, sometimes better. And that you should take advantage of these precious moments when your business is just off the ground. Or, maybe, you can provide some solutions to your customers that your more significant competitors cannot, simply because you are not big. Look deep into your organization and see what you can put on the market.

The person responsible for this amazing idea is Dana Brownlee, President of Professionalism Matters. Find more of her on her Twitter account.

2. What to Do When Your Office Is Full of Insecure People | Elizabeth Garone

The wonderful Elizabeth Garone raises a fantastic point. What do you do when you have an office full of people that are insecure? This is an incredibly common problem. We don’t hear about it that often because no one chooses to speak about it. So, here are a few of the solutions she offers.

  • Praise people as much as you can. Don’t make them feel even more insecure.
  • Lavish respect left and right.
  • Don’t tackle it alone. Make sure every single employee understands not to belittle his peer in the office.

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3.How to Deal with Insecurity? Make it Your Friend | Lisa Evans

The ever-inspiring Lisa Evans says that when you choose to be a bit more insecure than to wallow in false security, you have a few things to gain. For example, you are a lot more realistic about what’s going on around you instead of projecting ideas in your mind’s eye and then passing them on as real.

Apart from that, you work harder. People who spend their lives as arrogant self-indulgers get little done. A bit of insecurity will take you a long way because it will make you double or even triple the amount of work you put in to achieve your goal.

People will like you more. It is completely true that we are drawn to confident people. We see them as being charismatic and even natural or informal leaders. We seek their company. However, too much of a good thing can make you sick. Overly arrogant individuals are actually strongly disliked. Therefore, if you come across as being slightly modest or even humble, you have a lot more to gain.

It’s easy to learn how to deal with insecurity when you have three professionals such as Lisa Evans, Elizabeth Garone, and Dana Brownlee showing you the ropes. Read all the tips and tricks and then follow these ladies on the social media to see what else they have in store for you. Tell us in the comment section below how do you handle insecurity.

Author: Amanda Knowles