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How to Create a Webinar in 5 Easy Steps

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A webinar (or a web-based seminar) is – as its name suggests – a seminar that you can conduct over the internet. Many businesses are creating webinars nowadays, because they provide them with an easy and effective way of training their employees and grow their business. If you’ve always wanted to create a webinar of your own, but you have no idea where to start, today’s article is perfect for you. We’re going to teach you how to create a webinar course by taking you through 5 main steps.

How to Create a Webinar in 5 Steps

Step 1: Think About the Topic and Make It Interesting

Naturally, the first thing you should do when creating a webinar is come up with a topic. Think about what you want to teach your employees and make sure you formulate it in a cool and interesting way. The title of the webinar should be catchy enough to motivate people to attend it without this seeming like a chore.

Step 2: Choose a Webinar Software

There are plenty of webinar software options out there, and you’re going to have to find the one that best suits your needs. Before choosing one, make sure you do your research and find a way to get the most for the cheapest price.

Step 3: Create the Webinar

As long as you choose a high-quality software, creating the webinar shouldn’t be too difficult or take too long. The software will take you through all the steps required to create one. This basically means you’ll only have to fill in the blanks in prearranged fields. You’ll have to add the date and time, upload images, choose the fonts and the layouts, and so on.

Step 4: Market the Webinar

If you want your webinar to reach as many people as possible, you’re going to have to think of ways in which you can market it. Social media is one of the main tools at your disposal. You can use Facebook ads, advertise the webinar on Twitter, and so on. Moreover, you should also use email, post information about it on your blog, and even consider a news release.

Step 5: Shoot a Video

While this step is not mandatory, it can really spruce up the look of your webinar. As a result, more people will be drawn to it, and you’re going to be more successful. What should you include in the video, you ask? Well, you should present the webinar and tell people what they’ll learn if they attend it. Then, once the video is done, you can attach it to your marketing strategy and watch people get excited over it. Just make sure the video isn’t too long, since people don’t usually have the time to watch long promotional clips. One minute is more than enough to make your case.

As you can see, learning how to create a webinar presentation is not at all difficult. In fact, it’s quite easy, especially if you follow the 5 main steps we’ve outlined above.

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Author: Amanda Knowles