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How to Concentrate Better: 5 Focus Boosting Exercises

how to concentrate better

It’s 2 pm on a Wednesday and you feel your mind losing its concentration and quietly begging you for some time off. But maybe you already had your lunch break, and maybe you have urgent issues that you have to deal with. So you can’t afford to take a break, and you know that if you were to take one, you would be even less motivated to start working again. Does this sound familiar? Today, we are here to help you with your ability to concentrate. Here are 5 focus boosting exercises that teach you how to concentrate better when you feel you can’t take it anymore.

How to Concentrate Better?

1. Focus Your Attention on Your Fingers

Maybe this sounds strange, but we can assure you it works. What you have to do is sit in a chair and raise your right arm until it is on the same level with your shoulder. Then try to keep completely still, and only move your head so as to focus your eyes on your fingers. Do this for a minute, and then do the same with your left arm. Once you get used to this and it becomes easy for you to concentrate, try the same exercise for 5 minutes at a time. Make sure you keep your hands as steady as possible, it will teach you how to concentrate better.

2. Count Backwards

This exercise on how to concentrate is as easy as it is effective. Start counting from 100 to 1, and when this starts getting too easy, do the same, but this time skip 2 or 3 numbers each time. You will see that your mind will be so determined to get it right that you will really focus your entire attention on this task. After you do this a couple of times, it’s time to put that newly found concentration to work.

3. Count the Words

Another counting exercise, this one involves you taking a book or a magazine and counting how many words each paragraph has. Perform the task twice, and then start counting the words in each two paragraphs. If you feel like you were not able to fully train your concentration after this, move to an entire page and start counting. But remember, don’t use your finger to keep track of the words, only use your eyes and your mind.

4. Keep Still

Although it may sound easy to do, this exercise will teach you how to concentrate in no time. Sit in a chair and try to keep still for as long as possible. And we mean completely still. As you will notice, you have to concentrate a lot in order to perform this task. But don’t forget that the ultimate goal is to be relaxed while you sit still. This may require some practice, so don’t force yourself to keep still when you feel uncomfortable. Just take a break and try again later. In time, this exercise will really help you focus and relax.

5. Clear Your Mind

Another exercise that takes practice, this one is quite possibly one of the hardest out there. Start small, with 5 minute sessions, and then increase the time when you feel like you’ve mastered the task. The goal is not to allow any thoughts in your mind for the time of this exercise. If you keep it blank, it will help you concentrate better once you get to work.

These are only a few of the exercises that can teach you how to concentrate, but they are some of the most effective ones. If you feel your attention drifting away, try some of these to get it back on track.

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Author: Amanda Knowles