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How to Calm Down Before a Speech in 4 Easy Steps

how to calm down before a speech

Here’s the first bit of advice right from the intro of this piece. Stop believing that feeling nervous before a speech isn’t normal. Even celebrities and the best performers get nervous right before going on stage and speaking to large crowds. However, that doesn’t mean there is no remedy that can alleviate that anxiety you feel. Here’s how to calm down before a speech in a few easy steps.

1. You Don’t Have to Be Perfect

The first cause of anxiety that is related to the impossibility of giving a speech is the fact that most of us believe we have to be the picture of perfection when we go up there. That’s not true. Making mistakes is hardly as embarrassing as you build it up in your head to be. In fact, as far as the audience is concerned, some don’t even notice it, some don’t care, some waive it away as simply being human or nervous while even more might admire the way you recover from a mistake.

2. Focus on the Right Thing

Another major cause of stress is the fact that you do not focus on what’s important anymore. In the days or maybe even hours that precede the speech itself, you tend to focus solely on the idea of speaking in front of a large group of people. In other words, your attention is directed only on the mechanical act.

However, you should think about the fact that you have something very important to say that they need to hear. This is the crucial thing. Getting the message across. Not the actual talking. This is really an amazing tip on how to calm down before a speech.

3. Don’t Think Badly of Your Audience

Consider this. If they are there and listening to you, it’s because they wanted to be there. Apart from that, don’t start on the presumption that they think the worst of you. They are interested in what you have to say and made the conscientious effort of coming in and sitting down to listen to you. Why would you assume they think you’re bad or that they’ll laugh at you if you make mistakes?

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4. Visit a Therapist for Past Events

Most people who are afraid of speaking in public have had a traumatizing event about this happen to them as children. Maybe your school teacher forced you to be in the nativity scene or to recite a poem or sing a song when you clearly did not want to do it. These practices on children are bad and are what spring a fear of public speaking in adults later on.

However, you can visit a therapist and talk about it. These phobias can typically be cured in three or four sessions, allowing you to put behind you the negativity and fears.

Speaking in public is really a lot easier than people think. The key is knowing a few easy steps on how to calm down before a speech. Start with the ones we’ve outlined above, and them tell us in the comment section below what do you do to get rid of anxiety in this situation?

Author: Amanda Knowles