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4 Expert Tips on How to Build an Email List

how to build an email list

In the world of business, what can be more valuable to you than a fantastic list of email subscribers who are interested in you and your product, and wish to subscribe so that they can order every month? That sounds like heaven doesn’t it? So, how do you build or improve on an already existing email list? We asked 4 professionals for help, and we received some great tips on how to build an email list.

1. Sign Up When Purchasing | Jim Higgins

If and when someone buys something from your website, that means that they are clearly a fan of your products. Therefore, they are part of the group who is most likely to return for another purchase. When they proceed to checkout, ask them to also signup and offer the button which sends them notifications. Make sure that this button is large enough and placed in an area where they can see it. Also, it’s a good idea to reassure them they will not get spammed with unwanted content.

2. Join a Larger Entrepreneur

According to Kimanzi Constable, this is a fabulous tip on how to build an email list. He says that, if there are some larger or more experienced entrepreneurs in your area who do something similar to you, contact them. They might be interested in joining forces, for the short or long run. This can mean a tutorial, a webinar, a commercial, a video on YouTube or anything that crosses your mind and the two of you believe can attract customers. In the meantime, share email address lists. There, you win!

3. How About a Contest | Colin Darretta

Colin Darretta says that a contest is an easy way to get people to subscribe to your newsletter. Evidently, it’s not the contest in itself that attracts them, as much as it is the prizes you are giving away. The potential, in this case, is hugely significant. If done right, you are in for a huge scale in the number of email subscribers. Attracted by the handsome prize, people will subscribe in droves. However, you should also know that the content on your part has to be up to par. If you don’t keep up the good work, then customer engagement will dwindle over time. This is how to build an email list.

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4. Behind Every Email Lies a Person | Andrea Huspeni

One of our very favorite pieces of advice comes from Andrea Huspeni. She reminds us that you need to be organic in your approaches and remember that behind every email address on your list is a real, actual person. Treat them as such. Try to resonate with them, appeal to them, and entice them. Use real people in your pictures as well as local places, and products. Find more of Andrea Huspeni on her Twitter account.

Learn how to build an email list from our four experts in the field – Andrea Huspeni, Colin Darretta, Kimanzi Constable, and Jim Higgins. They have a series of fantastic advice which they are willing to share with you. Let us know in the comment section below which method you employ to get more people to subscribe.

Author: Amanda Knowles