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How to Become Verified on Facebook in 4 Easy Steps

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Facebook uses the Verified Badge on their accounts and pages to let people know that it’s authentic. It has been useful, especially with celebrities and fake accounts that impersonated them. This proof of authenticity consists in a gray or blue circle badge. There is also a tick mark included on it. The gray one is used for pages of companies, local businesses or other organizations. Meanwhile, the blue one is reserved for government agencies, entertainment, media, sports or celebrities.

What Do You Need to Become Verified?

It’s easy to learn how to become verified since the process is rather simple. You just need to submit some documents to Facebook. Here is the list of documents you need:

  • Passport;
  • Authenticated Birth Certificate;
  • Incorporation articles – for sports companies, media or entertainment;
  • Driver’s License.

What to Do Before Applying for Verification?

An important step in our guide on how to become verified on Facebook is to complete the About section. Fill in all the details you have there. This will help your page be more credible. Alternatively, you can also add the official website of your company or organization, if any.

Types of Verification

There are several types of verification on Facebook:

  • Manual Verification – for people who are already famous, celebrities, artists etc.;
  • Automatic Verification – made by Facebook when they think it’s necessary;
  • Submitting Documents – you simply fill out forms and send them.

How to Become Verified on Facebook?

You can request a Verified badge by filling up the special Page Verification Form available on Facebook. There are some simple steps you need to follow in order to complete the process:

  1. Select the page you want to verify. You will see a drop-down box that lets you choose the page.
  2. Click on Choose Files. Now you can attach the proofs of authenticity you have, namely your documents.
  3. Add a link to your website. This is not compulsory, you can skip the step if you don’t have a website (yet).
  4. Click Send.

When you’re done, click send and Facebook will shortly send you an email. After the initial email, you should also receive a second one, letting you know about the status of your verification. Usually, it takes 3-6 days for the categories Celebrities, Sports, Music, Politics etc. Meanwhile, for the Business category, it can take longer, between 7 and 45 days, for a blue badge.

Other Methods

There are, of course, other methods to get your page verified. For example, there are some people who charge money to show you how to become verified on Facebook. Basically, they follow the same steps as above so that you won’t do it. It is recommended not to ask mediators for help, but if you can’t manage on your own, that’s a solution as well.

Another option is to go to the Facebook offices. The process is still the same and you must submit the same documents, only you will do it in person.


It may seem intimidating at first, but it’s, in fact, easy to learn how to become verified on Facebook. There are 4 simple steps to follow, which are mentioned above. After that, you should only wait for the response and you’re set. Now you can enjoy the benefits of using Facebook for business as a verified Page.

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Author: Amanda Knowles